Alexandria Keays

Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Art & Design Dept


Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Art & Design Dept


DES 135 - Design Fundamentals

Studio-based introduction to the conceptual and practical concerns of the design disciplines. Two- and three-dimensional design-related studies. Note: ART 134 and DES 135 are required prerequisites for senior level ART or DES courses. Not open to students with credit in ART 131 or ART 132.

DES 394 - Foundations of Visual Communication Design II

Continuing study of the principles of visual communication design. Study of communication concerns through the integration of photography and typography. Emphasis on appropriateness, clarity, expression and description. Introduction to information and publication design problems. Introduction to the computer as a tool for language and visual communication. Prerequisites: DES 393, and consent of Department. Note: Not open to students with credit in DES 390.

DES 395 - Introduction to Form, Visual Elements and Systems

Structure, representation and expression. Creation, observation and categorization. Form, color and tone systems in contemporary and historical design, and in the environment. Prerequisite or corequisite: DES 393 and consent of the Department.

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