Diego Coraiola, PhD




Dr. Coraiola is Assistant Professor of Management at the Social Sciences department of the Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta. He holds a Master's and PhD in Management. Before coming to Augustana he worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Victoria. He was twice awarded (2016, 2018) the John F. Mee Award for Best Paper by the Management History Division of the Academy of Management. His work has been published in journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, and Business History.


Dr. Coraiola's research centers around the idea of collective and entrepreneurial action, i.e. how people and organizations come together to accomplish things in the world. He is particularly interested in understanding the affordances of time and temporality (e.g. past, present, future) to social and organizational change. In a five-year project funded by SSHRC he is looking at the ways in which managers and organizations mobilize the past to generate innovation and promote change. In another two-year SSHRC-funded project he is analyzing the influence of donors and board members on the management of performing arts organizations.


AUMGT350 - Entrepreneurship

AUMGT490 - Business Policy & Strategy

AUMGT345 - Organization Theory

AUMGT380 - Cultural Management

AUMGT100 - Introduction to Business

AUMGT330 - Introduction to Marketing

AUMGT399 - Management Internship


AUMGT 350 - Entrepreneurship

This course provides business students with an overview of various topics related to starting a small business, from satisfying specific societal needs to properly designing an organization to fit its external stakeholder pressures. Concepts, theories and methods will be addressed in order to prepare an effective, comprehensive and detailed business plan. Prerequisites: AUMGT 200.

Winter Term 2022

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