Gary Snydmiller

Associate Professor, Augustana - Social Sciences


Associate Professor, Augustana - Social Sciences
(780) 679-1141
2-306 AG10 Faith & Life Centre
4901-46 Ave
Camrose AB
T4V 2R3



AUPED 112: Introduction to Human Anatomy

AUPED 232:  Introduction to Biomechanics for Sport and Exercise

AUPED 251:  Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

AUPED 314:  Exercise Physiology

AUPED 343:  Training for Athletic Performance

AUPED 393:  Tests and Measurement for Physical Education

AUPED 414:  Advanced Exercise Physiology


AUPED 112 - Structural Human Anatomy

Study of structure and function of selected systems of the human body (skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, and others).

Fall Term 2020 Fall Term 2021
AUPED 232 - Introduction to Biomechanics

Study of the application of physical laws to movement and structure. Principles of motion, force, and equilibrium are stressed. Various sport skills are examined from a biomechanical perspective. Prerequisite: AUPED 112.

Winter Term 2021 Winter Term 2022
AUPED 251 - Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

Study in the recognition and treatment of athletic injuries and vulnerable body structures, with emphasis on evaluation, modalities of treatment, rehabilitation, and current issues. Prerequisites: AUPED 112 and 215. Requires payment of additional student instructional support fees. Refer to the Fees Payment Guide in the University Regulations and Information for Students section of the Calendar.

Fall Term 2020 Winter Term 2021 Fall Term 2021
AUPED 314 - Exercise Physiology

Study of the physiological response of the human body to acute exercise and to chronic exercise (training). Prerequisite: AUPED 215.

Fall Term 2020 Fall Term 2021
AUPED 343 - Training Methodologies and Athletic Performance

Study of current training and conditioning methodologies used to prepare athletes. The course emphasizes physiological adaptation, specificity, and factors that influence the training process. Prerequisite: AUPED 314. Note: Open only to a student with a major or minor in Physical Education.

Winter Term 2022
AUPED 393 - Tests and Measurements in Physical Education

Administration, construction, and analysis of tests and measurements utilized in health and physical education. Descriptive and inferential statistics are emphasized. Note: Students must have at least third year standing.

Winter Term 2021 Winter Term 2022

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