Ivonne Quintero


Faculty of Extension - Communications & Design


EXCPE 3002 - Spanish II

The continuation of basic Spanish uses group work, exercises, and activities to practice vocabulary and structures in a conversational context. Beginning with a review of material from Spanish I, this course covers vocabulary for dining and travel, health, business conversation, and grammar related to forms of the present tense and reflexive verbs. Completion of EXCPE 3001 is strongly recommended.

Continuing Ed Summer 2020
EXCPE 3003 - Spanish III

Participants will develop communicative competence through activities related to travel, business, and culture. Material will be reviewed from the two previous modules before moving on to learning the two past tenses (preterit and imperfect). There will be practice reading, understanding, and telling stories, as well as descriptions of past events. Basic techniques for speaking, listening,and reading are included as well as a brief introduction in Spanish to the world of global trade. Completion of EXCPE 3002 is strongly recommended.

Continuing Ed Fall 2020