Jamie Meyers-Riczu, PhD

Asst Lect, Faculty of Arts - Music Dept

Pronouns: she, her, hers


Asst Lect, Faculty of Arts - Music Dept


MUSIC 101 - Introduction to Western Art Music

A study of music literature with an emphasis on listening and analytical tools. A brief survey of the history of Western music will be included. Not available for degree credit to BMus (all routes) students.

MUSIC 284 - Western Art Music, 1800-Present

A study of music history and culture in the West from circa 1800 to the present, exploring social, stylistic, material and intellectual perspectives with attention to listening, score reading, research, critical thinking, and communication skills. Prerequisite: MUSIC 186 or consent of the department. Not available to students with credit in MUSIC 282.

MUSIC 505 - Bibliography and Methods of Research

Prerequisite: consent of Department. Registration priority given to MA students in music, MMus, BMus (Music History), BMus (World Music), and BA (Honors) Music Major students. If space remains, restricted to BMus (all routes) students only.

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