Megan Flanders

Science Instructor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


Science Instructor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


CMPUT 175 - Introduction to the Foundations of Computation II

A continuation of CMPUT 174, revisiting topics of greater depth and complexity. More sophisticated notions such as objects, functional programming, time and memory consumption, and user interface building are explored. Upon completion of this two course sequence, students from any discipline should be able to build programs to solve basic problems in their area, and will be prepared to take more advanced Computing Science courses. Prerequisite: CMPUT 174 or SCI 100.

Spring Term 2020 Fall Term 2020 Winter Term 2021
CMPUT 274 - Introduction to Tangible Computing I

This is part 1 of a 2 sequence intensive problem-based introduction to Computing Science. In part 1, the key concepts of procedural programming, basic algorithm design and analysis (lists, queues, trees, sorting, searching), and reactive interfacing with the world are learned by solving a series of problems using the Arduino platform and C/C++. The use of a resource-limited processor with no operating system opens up the inner workings of computing. Development is done using the Linux operating system with the exposed compiler tool chain. Prerequisites: No specific programming experience or discrete-math background is assumed. Math 30 or 31. Note: this course is taught in studio-style, where lectures and labs are blended into 3 hour sessions, twice a week. Enrollment is limited by the capacity of the combined lecture/lab facilities. Credit cannot be obtained for CMPUT 274 if one already has credit for any of CMPUT 174, 175, or 201, except with permission of the Department.

Fall Term 2020