Florian Mundhenke, PD Dr. phil. habil, MA

Associate Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Dept

Pronouns: he, him


Associate Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Dept

Tuesday, 2-3 pm


Area of Study / Keywords

Media Studies Film Studies Communication Studies Cultural Studies


Please do note regarding supervisions: I am willing to accept supervisions (both MA and PhD) in the above mentioned research areas. BUT: You have to be enrolled into the MLCS graduate program. I cannot take external supervisions. You find further information on the program here. Emails asking for supervision beyond the program will not be answered.

since 2020 Associate Professor for Cultural and Media Studies (DAAD) at the Institute for Modern Languages and Cultural Studies at University of Alberta in Edmonton/Canada. 

2018-2020 Temporary Professor (W3) for Media Studies and Media Culture at University of Leipzig

2016-2018 Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Media and Communication (IMK) at University of Hamburg, 

2010-2016 Associate Professor for Media Hybridity (“Juniorprofessor für Mediale Hybride”) at the University of Leipzig

2004-2008 Research Assistant at University of Marburg. 

Speaker of the DFG-funded research network “Cinema as an experience space”.


Fields of research include documentary film, genre theory, VR and AR, cultural and social questions of media, contemporary media theory, narration and aesthetics of world cinema, media art.

PhD dissertation on the phenomenon of chance in film in 2008 (Marburg: Schueren). Habilitation (Lecture qualification thesis) on hybrid forms between documentary and fictional film in 2016 (Wiesbaden: Springer VS).


C LIT 440 - Comparative Studies in Popular Culture

An international historical and typological analysis of selected topics in popular literature and media, their changing status in society and culture, as well as their interaction with canonized forms of literature and the arts.

FS 399 - Special Topics in Film Studies

Prerequisite: FS 100.

GERM 399 - Special Topics

Taught in English. This course will not fulfill the Language Other than English requirement of the Faculty of Arts.

GERM 499 - Special Topics

Prerequisite: consent of Department.

MLCS 210 - Approaches to Cultural Studies

Introduction to key concepts in the study of cultures, languages, literatures, and media.

MLCS 399 - Special Topics

Course may be taken five times when topics vary.

MST 499 - Special Topics in Media Studies

Prerequisite: consent of the Program Administrator.

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