Boris Ortega Moreno, PhD(c), MSc, BA

Grad Research Assistantship, Faculty of Arts - Economics Dept


Grad Research Assistantship, Faculty of Arts - Economics Dept
(825) 440-6348


Area of Study / Keywords

Applied Microeconomics Energy Economics Regulation


  • I am a PhD(c) in Economics, currently in the final year of the program with a focus on energy and environmental studies. I hold a Master's degree from the University of Amsterdam, and a BA from the University of Chile. 


Working Papers

  • "The Effects of Hydroelectric Projects on Local Communities: The Case of Chile” (Job Market Paper)
  • “The Unequal Distribution of Residential Solar PV Adoption” (with Enrique Chueca, Mariana Weiss, Rogelio Celaya, Pauline Ravillard, Mauricio T. Tolmasquim, and Michelle Hallack), Under Review
  • "Renewable Energy and Compensation Policies in Electricity Markets with Imperfect Competition" (with Andrew Eckert and David Brown)

Work in Progress

  • “Macroeconomic Effects of Hosting the FIFA World Cup: The South Africa Case” (with Xingfei Liu)
  • "The Effects of Renewable Compensation Policies on Conventional Energy Investment”


ECON-281, Intermediate Microeconomics, Winter 2022.