Paula Drouin


Faculty of Extension - Management & Leadership


EXCPE 5350 - Comfort in Conflict

This course normalizes conflict. It aims to take fear and helplessness out of addressing the conflicts in your life, at home or at work. Becoming comfortable with conflict requires an understanding of what it is, the purpose it serves, how it expands and contracts, how people respond, and learning the skills and steps for resolution. We will provide a supportive, inspirational training space for you to learn and practice the foundational skills and models you need to get started.

Continuing Ed Fall 2020 Continuing Ed Winter 2021
EXCPE 5351 - Communicating Through Conflict

This course is an intensive deep dive into the key communication skills effective for preventing and resolving conflicts in your personal and work life. You will have an opportunity to learn and practice skills that are time tested for clearing the air and creating understanding. This course could positively impact every relationship in your life and reduce relationship stress and miscommunication. This course will include skills in listening, questioning, disclosing, clarifying assumptions, dialoging with dignity, and speaking assertively.

Continuing Ed Fall 2020 Continuing Ed Winter 2021
EXCPE 5352 - Communicating Through Escalated Conflict

This course is a journey through the world of emotional outbursts. Explore why humans are wired to avoid or attack and what triggers those responses. Gain insight on what some of your key triggers are and how to manage your own emotional response. Learn how to defuse emotional outbursts in others and way to set limits on their expression of anger.

Continuing Ed Fall 2020 Continuing Ed Winter 2021
EXCPE 5353 - Confidence in Conflict

This final course in the Art of Conflict Resolution Series will help you zero in on the theory and practice of conflict resolution to further build your knowledge, skills and confidence. The conflict resolution model will be expanded upon and skill use will be integrated into conflict resolution role-play. Prerequisite: EXCPE 5350, 5351, and 5352

Continuing Ed Fall 2020 Continuing Ed Winter 2021

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