Lauren Sergy


Faculty of Extension - Management & Leadership


EXGEN 5362 - Persuasive Communication

Persuasion is a core professional skill, underpinning much of our communication. In this seminar, you will learn fundamental aspects of persuasion and how to apply them to become more convincing in presentations, arguments, and conversations. Topics covered will include fundamental persuasive appeals, how to context and bias modify persuasion, critical rhetorical tools, methods for leveraging the right tool or technique at the right time, and methods of developing and defending strong arguments.

Continuing Ed Fall 2020 Continuing Ed Winter 2021
EXGEN 5363 - Developing and Leveraging Executive Presence

Executive Presence (EP) is a combination of the way we speak, look, and behave that helps others perceive us as competent and authoritative. This highly desirable trait can be crafted and leveraged to give you greater poise and impact on your work. We will explore key traits, behaviours, and mindset needed to project a strong and authentic presence. You will be taught practical methods for cultivating these traits, including activities you can incorporate into everyday work and life.

Continuing Ed Fall 2020 Continuing Ed Winter 2021

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