Robyn Stobbs, MLIS

GTA Principal Instructor, Faculty of Education - School of Library and Information Studies

Pronouns: she/her


GTA Principal Instructor, Faculty of Education - School of Library and Information Studies


Area of Study / Keywords

Information Behaviour Material Culture Sociology of Information Research Data Management


I am an interdisciplinary PhD candidate at the University of Alberta in the Department of Human Ecology and School of Library and Information Studies. I am also a research data management librarian at Athabasca University.


My current PhD research is on the material and immaterial nature of information and how it is constructed and exchanged to create imagined places. My focus is on the fictional settings of tabletop roleplaying games. I use conversation analytic methods to examine how such fictional worlds are constituted within play. More broadly, my research interest is in ways of knowing (epistemology) and information in everyday life and leisure. I have a particular interest in the ways information is constructed and exchanged through talk and how it is implicated in social interactions in situated, material (and immaterial and imagined) environments.


Courses Taught at SLIS:

  • LIS 598/539 Emerging and Evolving Technologies
  • LIS 534 Information Architecture: Web Design for Usability
  • LIS 597 Advanced Scholarship and Research in LIS
  • LIS 538 Digital Libraries

Instruction in Professional Practice:

  • As a practicing librarian, I offer webinars and one-on-one instruction on topics related to research data management including: data management planning, data documentation, and data deposit.


LIS 539 - Emerging and Evolving Technologies

This course will cover an introduction to different emerging and evolving technologies that are used and/or relevant to Library and Information Science (LIS) as well as to other domains. The course will examine different facets including current and potential uses, development and issues with various tools and technologies indifferent contexts. Pre or corequisite: LIS 501 or consent of instructor.

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