Warren Kindzierski

Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health


Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health
(780) 492-0382


Area of Study / Keywords

impact assessment exposure assessment statistics


My main interest is in methodologies for better understanding public health impacts/risks of environmental contamination thru investigation of human exposure (monitoring and/or modeling) and/or mining and evaluation of publicly-available environmental monitoring data.

A secondary area of interest relates to improving ways in which environmental monitoring data can be portrayed to the public in order to assist in explanation/interpretation of public health impacts/risks of environmental contamination.

Techniques used have involved case-crossover study of air pollution and heart attacks, monitoring of air pollution personal exposure, air pollution monitoring in indoor and outdoor settings, statistical trend analysis, multivariate receptor modeling and other advanced statistical approaches for analyzing, interpreting and understanding the potential for human exposure to pollutants in the environment.

I also write opinion editorials in the National Post newspaper about the use and misuse of scientific methods for interpreting public health impacts/risks of contamination in our environment.


PhD, University of Alberta, 1988

MSc, University of Alberta, 1982

BSc, University of Manitoba, 1980


SPH 512 - Environmental Risk Assessment and Management

Concepts of risk to health and environment, assessment, management and communication of risk, hazard identification, links to exposure assessment, toxicology and epidemiology, dose response assessment, risk characterization, regulatory and policy science. Note: Credit may not be obtained for both PHS 512 and SPH 512.

Fall Term 2021

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