Adam Worrall, PhD

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education - School of Library and Information Studies

Pronouns: he/him


Associate Professor, Faculty of Education - School of Library and Information Studies
(780) 492-0179
5-168 Education Centre - North
8730 - 112 St NW
T6G 2G5


Area of Study / Keywords

Social informatics information sharing behaviour and practices information-centric and online communities information and communication technologies (ICTs) boundary objects / boundary spanning social media social and community theories in LIS


PhD, Information Studies, Florida State University, 2014

MS, Library and Information Studies (MLIS), Florida State University, 2008

BS, Computer Science, University of Central Florida, 2002


Research Summary: I study information-centric communities that are wholly or partially online. I have particular interest in the roles played by information and communication technologies (ICTs) in online information-centric communities and the relationships and interactions they have with users and their information sharing behaviours and practices within and across community boundaries. I approach this research through the lenses of information behaviour, information practice, and social informatics perspectives, the latter a primary influence on my scholarship. Please read more about my recent and ongoing research as part of my research statement.


At the University of Alberta School of Library and Information Studies I have taught or will teach the following courses in our Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) program:

  • LIS 501 Foundations of Library and Information Studies (graduate core; online)
  • LIS 530 Technology, Information, and Society (graduate IT elective; on-campus and online; formerly a LIS 598 special topics course)
  • LIS 543 Human Information Interaction (graduate elective; on-campus; formerly a LIS 598 special topics course)
  • LIS 538 Digital Libraries (graduate IT elective; on-campus)

I believe a key purpose of a university is to be a successful learning environment for students’ lives and careers. A university degree should prepare students in both theory and practice that can help inform not just their first job after graduation, but the breadth and depth of their professional career. My aim is to have students not just pass an individual course or even earn an individual degree, but to be able to build throughout their careers on the learning experiences I help facilitate. To achieve this in my teaching, advising, supervising, and mentoring, I do my best to facilitate a collaborative and creative learning community, one that can benefit students both during and beyond any individual course. I encourage constructive communication and interaction between students and with myself as instructor, offering detailed and useful feedback to students throughout each course. I also do my best to address the varied strengths and interests of student learners. I am grateful for having experienced and helped facilitate many such learning communities, with strong interactions and addressing students’ multiple strengths and interests, as a student, teaching assistant, and instructor, and continue to draw on these.


On sabbatical August 1, 2021 - July 31, 2022

My office hours, courses I am or will be teaching, etc. and other information of interest to SLIS students are available on my web site (on the right-hand side).


“You don’t feel that you’re so far away”: Information sharing, technology use, and settlement of international student immigrants

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Publication Date: 10/22/2019
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"Connections above and beyond": Information, translation, and community boundaries in LibraryThing and Goodreads

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The place of health information and socio-emotional support in social questioning and answering

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Composition of scientific teams and publication productivity at a national science lab

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“Like a real friendship”: Translation, coherence, and convergence of information values in LibraryThing and Goodreads

Author(s): Worrall, A.
Publication: iConference 2015 proceedings, Newport Beach, CA, March 24–27, 2015
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