Yiang Guo, PhD(c), MSc, BA

Grad Research Assistantship, Faculty of Arts - Economics Dept


Grad Research Assistantship, Faculty of Arts - Economics Dept
(780) 708-4591


Area of Study / Keywords

Energy Economics Environmental Economics Regulation Applied Econometrics


I am a PhD(c) in Economics, currently in the final year of the program with a focus on energy and environmental economics. In particular, my research analyzes the impact of renewable energy resources and battery storage on the electricity market. My research aims to promote the integration of these technologies into electricity markets through economic mechanisms such as retail tariff designs and carbon pricing. I hold a Master's degree from Durham University in the UK and a BA from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in China.


Working Paper

Do Consumers React to Maximum Demand Charge: Evidence from Lethbridge's Electricity Market

The Emissions Impacts of Behind-the-Meter Battery Storage: The Role of Real-Time Pricing (Job Market Paper)


Location-based Marginal Emissions Factors Considering Transmission Congestions