Daniel Aalto, PhD, MSc

Asst Prof/Research Scientist, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Communication Sciences & Disorders


Asst Prof/Research Scientist, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Communication Sciences & Disorders
(780) 492-8938
6-129 Clinical Sciences Building
11304 - 83 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2G3




PhD - Mathematics - Aalto University, Finland, 2010

Lic. Sc (Tech.) -  Engineering Mathematics - Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, 2008

MSc (Tech.) -  Engineering Physics and Mathematics - Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, 2005

Areas of interest

Oral sensorimotor system; computer modelling of head and neck functions including speech, swallowing, chewing, breathing; development of assistive technology to improve the predictability of surgical treatments; experimental validation of computer models of speech, swallowing, and chewing; adoption of advanced simulation techniques to surgical planning workflows.


Sound Studies Initiative

Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute

Head and Neck Research Network

ADT Foundation

Acoustical Society of America


ECE 644 - Digital Image and Video Processing

Sampling and Quantization. Digital transforms for multimedia signal processing: DFT, DCT, DST, K-L transform, principal component analysis, subband analysis, wavelet and multi-resolution representation. Image processing: histogram processing, image filtering and enhancement, halftone and dithering for binary image processing, color transforms, color image processing. Video processing: basic video models, spatial-temporal processing of video, morphing and wipe detection, video segmentation and content analysis. Applications: medical imaging, satellite imaging, seismology.

Winter Term 2021

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Large scale data acquisition of simultaneous MRI and speech
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