Alexander Carpenter, PhD, MA, BMus

Associate Professor, Augustana - Fine Arts & Humanities


Associate Professor, Augustana - Fine Arts & Humanities
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2-147 AG24 Forum - Library
4901-46 Ave
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I am a musicologist, music critic, and rock musician.  I studied voice and music history at Brock University, music criticism at McMaster University, and historical musicology from the University of Toronto, where I earned a PhD.  At Augustana, I have served as Director of Music and as Chair of Fine Arts and Humanities; I am currently the Chair of the Academic Advisory Board of the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies (University of Alberta, Edmonton).    


Research areas: Arnold Schoenberg and the Second Viennese School, fin-de siecle-Vienna, popular music, music and psychoanalysis, zombies in popular culture, film music. 


Teaching areas: music history/musicology, cultural history, popular music, theory/harmony, interdisciplinary studies


AUIDS 101 - Topics in Liberal Studies

Selected topics that highlight the interdisciplinary nature of the Liberal Arts and Sciences. This seminar-style class is a key aspect of the Augustana First Year Experience. The focus and content of each course are determined by faculty interests, and vary from year to year.

Fall Term 2020
AUMUS 160 - Theoretical and Analytical Studies I

Study of common-practice harmony: scales and modes, intervals, triads, figured bass, cadences, phrases, periods, sentences, nonharmonic tones, harmonic progression and rhythm, part-writing, seventh chords, diatonic modulation playing simple harmonic progression formulae on piano. Prerequisites: AUMUS 100 or a score higher than 70% in the Music Theory Placement Examination (MTPE), and completion of the Keyboard Skills Interview (KSI). Corequisite: AUMUS 162.

Winter Term 2021
AUMUS 170 - Tuning In: An Introduction to Music

Development of listening approaches and techniques for understanding and appreciating a variety of Western and non-Western music, and an examination of the ideologies that prompt the sampling of such music. Music studied includes Western art music, African music, First Nations music, North Indian music, and popular music.

Fall Term 2020
AUMUS 224 - Music from the Ancient to Baroque Eras

Study of Western European art music from the ancient Greeks to the late Baroque period, in the context of general cultural history.

Fall Term 2020
AUMUS 226 - Music and the Moving Image

An examination of the use of music in film, television, and video games, with an emphasis on semiotic analysis and the historical development of the aesthetics and technologies of linking music to moving images.

Winter Term 2021
AUPHI 365 - Aesthetics

Considerations of theoretical issues related to visual arts, broadly understood and of sense experience.

Winter Term 2021

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The Subject of Music as Subject of Excess and Emergence: Resonances and Divergences between Slavoj Žižek and Björk Guðmundsdóttir
Author(s): Jerome Melancon, Alexander Carpenter
Publication Date: 2017
Publication: Journal of Zizek Studies
Volume: 11
Issue: 3
Page Numbers: 203-228
External Link:
“Give a man a mask and he’ll tell the truth”: Arnold Schoenberg, David Bowie, and the Mask of Pierrot
Author(s): Alexander Carpenter
Publication Date: 2010
Publication: Intersections: Canadian Journal of Music
Volume: 30
Issue: 2
Page Numbers: 5-24
External Link:
Dead in Tune: Uncanny Muzak in Dawn of the Dead
Author(s): Alexander Carpenter
Publication: Journal of Popular Culture
Volume: 46
Issue: 6
Page Numbers: 1231-1252
External Link:
“Die Young”: On Pop Music, Social Violence, Self-Censorship, and Apology Rituals
Author(s): Alexander Carpenter
Publication: Popular Music and Society
Volume: 40
Issue: 3
Page Numbers: 261-273
External Link: