Amy Colquhoun, PhD, MSc, BA, BSC (Hons.)

Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health
Manager, Population Health Assessment, Alberta Health



Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health

Manager, Population Health Assessment, Alberta Health
(780) 415-2805


Area of Study / Keywords

epidemiology population health surveillance health status assessment cancer health equity public participation


I am in interested using public health surveillance and epidemiology tools through collaborative approaches to identify effective and equitable solutions for improved public health.

I work on public health surveillance and research teams to assess population health status and address questions about specific health problems. We typically use administrative and disease registry data to conduct community health assessments and epidemiologic investigations, and to identify and describe health inequities across populations.

I am particularly keen to identify meaningful ways to incorporate various perspectives, such as those of public health scientists and target populations, throughout these epidemiologic endeavours. To do this, I work in close partnership with community members, healthcare providers, and others to identify public health questions of interest to those impacted, explore various approaches that may be employed to answer these questions, and compile and communicate the resulting knowledge in ways that support meaningful change.


PhD, University of Alberta, 2018

MSc, Queen's University, 2004

BA, Queen's University, 2002

BSc (Hons.), Queen's University, 2001


Dean's Gold Medal, School of Public Health, 2019

Canada Graduate Scholarship - Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement, 2013

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2012


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Global patterns of cardia and non-cardia gastric cancer incidence in 2012

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Cancer incidence among indigenous people in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States: a comparative population-based study

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Challenges created by data dissemination and access restrictions when attempting to address community concerns: individual privacy versus public wellbeing

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