Abdullah Ejaz

ATS Assistant Lecturer, Augustana - Academic Planning


ATS Assistant Lecturer, Augustana - Academic Planning


AUECO 101 - Introduction to Microeconomics

Economic analysis, problems, and policies, with emphasis on the Canadian economy; roles of consumers and firms in competitive and monopolistic markets; foreign ownership in the Canadian economy; distribution of income, inequality, and poverty; use of the environment; government economic policies.

AUMGT 100 - Introduction to Business

Survey of the competitive landscape of Canadian and Global businesses to provide students with the basic information about the different facets of business organizations.

AUMGT 330 - Introduction to Marketing

Introduction to the theory of marketing and its practice. The role of marketing within the business environment is discussed. Topics include the product design and management, national and international marketing strategies, consumer behaviour, product distribution and pricing, and market research. Prerequisites: AUMGT 200.

AUMGT 340 - Organizational Behaviour

Study of individuals and groups in an organizational setting. The course will help the student develop an understanding of the organizational behaviour concepts and the interaction between individual determinants of behaviour and group dynamics. Prerequisite: AUMGT 200.

AUMGT 370 - Organizational Research Methods

This course introduces students to the importance of valuable information, since information - for decisionmakers in organizations - is often the most pertinent element in achieving and maintaining competitive advantage. In addition to decisionmaking, this course will also focus on how scientific knowledge can be generated from an organizational context to help scientists understand the changing dynamics of modern organizations. Prerequisites: AUMGT 200, AUSTA 153 or consent of the instructor.

AUPSY 348 - Industrial and Organizational Psychology

An overview of theories and research relevant to understanding human behaviour in the workplace. Prerequisite: AUPSY 240.

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