Anna Lund, BA (Hons) University of Alberta, LLB University of Alberta, LLM University of California Berkeley, PhD University of British Columbia

Professor, Faculty of Law - Admin


Professor, Faculty of Law - Admin


Area of Study / Keywords

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Debtor Creditor Law Civil Procedure Access to Justice Housing


Anna Lund (she/her/hers) is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law. She researches and teaches in the areas of bankruptcy and insolvency, debtor creditor law, civil procedure, access to justice, and housing.

Dr Lund's current research interests include mortgage enforcement proceedings, insolvency law, and non-standard legal forms (e.g., cooperatives and non-profit organizations). Her book Trustees at Work: Financial Pressures, Emotional Labour, and Canadian Bankruptcy Law was published in December 2019 by the University of British Columbia Press.

Dr Lund has developed and taught courses that align with her research interests including on international insolvency law and access to justice. She has been recognized for her work with students. She is the recipient of the Provost’s Award for Early Achievement of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, the University of Alberta Award for Outstanding Mentorship in Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities, and the Faculty of Law's Tevie H Miller Teaching Award.

Dr Lund continues to practice on a pro bono basis through the Edmonton Community Legal Centre. She serves on the editorial board of the Annual Review of Insolvency Law.


  • Access to Justice
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law
  • Civil Procedure
  • Debtor-creditor Law
  • Gambling
  • Law and Emotions
  • Socio-legal Studies & Research Methods
  • Other


Trustees at Work: Financial Pressures, Emotional Labour and Canadian Bankruptcy Law (Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia Press, 2019)

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law in Canada: Cases, Materials, and Problems (Toronto, ON: Irwin Law, 2019) edited by Stephanie Ben-Ishai & Thomas Telfer

Collections Law in Alberta: A Practical Guide with Sandeep K. Dhir (Toronto, ON: Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd., 2012)


Insolvency Law, Environmental Law and other Regulatory Liabilities

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“Insolvency Law’s Limits on the Disciplinary Powers of Professional Regulators: An Update from Canada” (2016) 19:2 Legal Ethics 320-323

Newfoundland & Labrador v. AbitibiBowater Inc.: Environmental issues in Abitibi's insolvency, Examining the regulator-creditor and past-operations expense tests” (2013) Annual Review of Insolvency Law 2012 509-544

“Canadian Approaches to America’s Public Trust Doctrine: Classic Trusts, Fiduciary Duties & Substantive Review” (2012) 23:2 Journal of Environmental Law and Practice 135-174

Gambling and Bankruptcy

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Access to Justice: Housing, Civil Procedure

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“Litigating on One’s Doorstep: Access to Justice & the Question of Venue” (2019) 56:4 Alberta Law Review 1039-1076

Indigenous Peoples & Commercial Law 

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Insolvency Law: General

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“Engaging Canadians in Commercial Law Reform: Insights and Lessons from the 2014 Industry Canada Consultation on Insolvency Legislation” (2016) 58 Canadian Business Law Journal 123-164

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with Andrew Green, Law and Disability in Canada: Cases and Materials, Laverne Jacobs, ed, (2022) 100:2 Canadian Bar Review 306-15

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International Insolvency Law: Reforms and Challenges, Paul Omar, ed, (2014) 52:1 Osgoode Hall Law Journal 311-319


Courses Taught

  • Access to Justice (Jurisprudence)*
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law
  • Civil Procedure
  • Corporations
  • Cross Border and International Insolvency Law*
  • Introduction to Legal Scholarship (Jurisprudence/Graduate Seminar)*
  • Judgment Enforcement Law

*Courses I have developed


LAW 452 - Civil Procedure

The fundamentals of the traditional litigation process (under the Rules of Court and applicable statutes) and current issues including access and reform.

LAW 455 - Legal Seminar

Legal Seminars present diverse perspectives on the law and legal systems, including topics such as jurisprudence, legal history, legal theory, justice and human rights, within one or more legal traditions. Evaluation will be based primarily on written work. Students may take multiple sections of the course with the approval of the Vice Dean.

LAW 514 - Judgment Enforcement Law

The law governing the enforcement of judgments by unsecured creditors. Will provide an in-depth analysis of the Civil Enforcement Act of Alberta. Topics include prejudgment remedies, registration and priority of writs, enforcement against personal property, enforcement against land, garnishment and distribution. Will also cover fraudulent conveyances and preferences..

LAW 589 - Specialized Legal Topics

These courses will cover specialized topics of emerging importance in the law at a senior level in a format with a significant out-of-classroom component. The particular topic covered would vary dependent on the availability of Faculty with necessary teaching competence, student interest, and the needs of the legal profession.

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