Aksel Hallin, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Science - Physics Admin


Professor, Faculty of Science - Physics Admin
(780) 492-3516
2-087 Centennial Ctr For Interdisciplinary SCS II
11335 Saskatchewan Drive NW
T6G 2H5



PhD (1983) Princeton;
MA (1979) Princeton;
BSc(1977) UBC;
Professor (Alberta) 2007-present;
Professor (Queen's)(1998-2007);
Associate Professor (Queen's) (1994-1998);
Assistant Professor (Queen's)(1991-1994);
Assistant Professor (Princeton) (1985-1991);
PDF (Los Alamos) (1983-1985)


Direct detection of galactic dark matter as part of the DEAP-3600 experiment at the SNOLAB underground facility, which consists of 3600 kg of ultrapure liquid argon.

Measurement of neutrino properties, solar neutrinos and geoneutrinos with the SNO+ and SNO experiments at SNOLAB.


PHYS 234 - Introductory Computational Physics

Algorithms for scientific data analysis: sorting methods, polynomial fitting, regression, interpolation, and Fourier analysis: techniques for solving physics and geophysics problems with selected topics from mechanics, waves, geometrical optics and ray tracing, electricity and magnetism, statistical physics, decay processes, quantum physics, signal processing. Prerequisites: one of PHYS 124, PHYS 144, or EN PH 131, and one of PHYS 126, PHYS 146, or PHYS 130; and MATH 100 or 113 or 114 or 117 or 144, and MATH 102 or 125 or 127. CMPUT 174 is recommended for students without prior programming experience.

Winter Term 2023

PHYS 297 - Experimental Physics II

Contemporary methods of experimental physics with measurements from classical and modern physics. This is a continuation of Experimental Physics I with application of more advanced techniques and more in-depth exploration of the selected physics topics. Prerequisite: PHYS 295. Corequisites: PHYS 271, PHYS 281 and MATH 101 or 115 or 118 or 146.

Winter Term 2023 Winter Term 2023

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