Amrita Singh, PhD


Faculty of Science - Earth & Atmospheric Sciences



Dr. Singh examines the economic implications of environmental degradation and restoration of environmental amenities (e.g. parks, green ways, water bodies, etc.). She specifically examines how changes to environmental amenities impact revenue streams for municipalities. Recently, Dr. Singh examined how falling water levels and increases in air and water pollutants impact property values in and near the Salton Sea. The Sea, which is emblematic of desiccating water bodies all over the world, is located in Imperial Valley an economically vulnerable agricultural region for Southern California. She is currently examining how falling water levels of the Colorado River impact property values and travel behavior to Lake Mead in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her future work will explore cost and benefits of changing environmental conditions in Alberta.

Students interested in economic analysis of environmental amenities as well as green development projects at the municipal level should contact Dr Singh directly.