Adam White, PhD

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science



PI of the Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lab (RLAI)

Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (amii) Fellow

Senior Research Scientist DeepMind Alberta


PhD, Computing Science, University of Alberta, 2015

MSc, Computing Science, University of Alberta, 2006

BSc, Computer Science, University of New Brunswick, 2004


Keywords: Reinforcement Learning, Robotics, Knowledge Representation and Intrinsic MotivationĀ 


Reinforcement Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Creator of the Reinforcement Learning MOOC on Coursera


CMPUT 605 - Topics in Computing Science

INT D 161 - Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Everywhere is a non-technical undergraduate online course focused on giving students a foundational understanding of AI and where it can be applied. Although AI is a technical topic, this course is intended to demystify the field and has no prerequisites. This course will first cover the history of AI and its multidisciplinary beginnings with connections to psychology, animal learning, neuroscience, and computing science. From there students will be introduced to the basic components of modern AI through several case studies. The course will explore the role of data collection and human inputs in a range of systems from classical expert systems, to supervised learning, to reinforcement learning systems that generate their own data by interacting with the world. Throughout, we will use simple terms to discuss the general approaches, successes and failures of AI and machine learning systems, as well as interactions with people, including privacy and our ability to understand machines that learn.

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