Anffany Chen

Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Science - Physics

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Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Science - Physics


Area of Study / Keywords

Condensed Matter Physics Machine Learning


  • Topological phases of matter
    • Symmetry-protected topological phases (topological insulators, semimetals, and superconductors)
    • Topological order with long-range entanglement (quantum spin liquids)
    • Bulk-boundary correspondence
  • Artificial neural networks
    • Machine classification of phases
    • Interpretation of neural network models
    • Neural network quantum states 
    • Deep learning of gauge/gravity duality
  • Exotic lattices
    • Hyperbolic lattices and their experimental realizations
    • Bethe lattices
  • Strongly correlated systems
    • Interacting systems on disordered lattices (many-body localization)
    • SYK model
    • Quantum spin models
  • Localization phenomena
    • Weak localization, Anderson localization
    • Many-body localization
  • Table-top probes of high-energy physics and gravity
    • AdS-CFT correspondence in hyperbolic lattices
    • Graphene platform for realizing the SYK model
    • Chiral anomaly in Weyl and Dirac semimetals
    • Majorana fermions emerged as topological boundary states