Anna Priemaza, LLB, BAH

Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Economics Dept

Pronouns: she/her


Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Economics Dept

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Academic Writing Law Creative Writing


Anna Priemaza is a lawyer and young adult author who has been teaching the Economics department's new academic writing course, ECON 109 - Basic Writing in Economics. She loves teaching this practical writing course that helps students of all writing levels actively grow in their academic writing skills through constant practice and feedback.

A former partner of a mid-sized Edmonton law firm, Anna Priemaza worked as legal counsel at the Court of Appeal for two years before she started teaching full-time in fall 2020.

Anna's published books include The Forgotten Memories of Vera Glass (Abrams Amulet, 2021), Fan the Fame (HarperTeen, 2019), and Kat and Meg Conquer the World (HarperTeen, 2017).


ECON 109 - Basic Writing in Economics I

The course will introduce students to basic writing in the economics discipline. The focus is on developing the ability to write clearly on economic concepts, as well as illustrating results of data analysis. ECON 109 is a prerequisite for all ECON courses at the 300- and 400-level. ECON 109 will be waived as a prerequisite upon completion of the Assessment of Reading, Comprehension, and Writing in Economics. Students who have successfully completed the Assessment of Reading, Comprehension, and Writing in Economics will not be permitted to enroll/receive credit in ECON 109. Students can contact the Department of Economics for more information about the Assessment. Prerequisite: ECON 101.

LAW 101 - Introduction to Canadian Law

An introduction to the important principles, people, and processes of the Canadian law and legal system. The course will provide an introduction and overview of foundational subjects in Canadian law such as Indigenous Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Torts Law, Contracts Law, Property Law, Corporate Law, Family Law, Environmental Law, Health Law and International Law.

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