Alberto Reyes

Associate Professor, Faculty of Science - Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Admin


Associate Professor, Faculty of Science - Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Admin
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ABOUT ME: I'm a Quaternary geologist who uses stratigraphic, paleoenvironmental, and geochemical approaches to address research questions related to landscape and climate change in the north. Timescales of interest range from the early Cenozoic to the late Holocene. I have ongoing interests in developing records of landscape and environmental change in unglaciated northwest North America, permafrost and ice-sheet response to sustained climate warming during Pleistocene interglacials, and Cenozoic analogues for contemporary warming. I'm also interested in studying modern glacier and permafrost change.


  • Postdoc, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Department of Geoscience)
  • Ph.D., University of Alberta (Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences)
  • M.Sc., Simon Fraser University (Department of Earth Sciences)
  • B.Sc., University of Victoria (Department of Geography)


I am interested in developing stratigraphic, geomorphic, and geochemical records of northern climate change and associated earth system impacts. My work and research interests span timescales ranging from millions of years to the last several centuries, with a particular focus on periods when climate was similar to or warmer than today, such as Pleistocene "super-interglacials" and Cenozoic greenhouse intervals.


Detrital glass in a Bering Sea sediment core yields a ~160 ka Marine Isotope Stage 6 age for Old Crow tephra

Author(s): Reyes, A.V., Jensen, B.J.L., Woudstra, S., *Bolton, M.S.M., *Buryak, S.D., Cook, M.S., Harvey, J., Westgate, J.A.
Publication Date: 1/3/2023
Publication: Geology
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Laser-ablation ICP-MS zircon U-Pb ages for key Pliocene-Pleistocene tephra beds in unglaciated Yukon and Alaska

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Publication Date: 11/1/2022
Publication: Quaternary Geochronology
Volume: 73
Page Numbers: 101398
External Link:

Permafrost, geomorphic, and hydroclimatic controls on mercury and lead concentrations and exports in Old Crow River, arctic western Canada

Author(s): *Staniszewska, K.S., Reyes, A.V., Cooke, C.A., Miller, B.S., Woywitka, R.J.
Publication Date: 5/5/2022
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Volume: 596
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External Link:

Evaluating the age distribution of exposed crust in the Acasta Gneiss Complex using detrital zircons in Pleistocene eskers

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The age of the opening of the ice-free corridor and implications for the peopling of the Americas

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Publication Date: 3/21/2022
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Revised chronology of northwest Laurentide ice-sheet deglaciation from 10Be exposure ages on boulder erratics

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Publication Date: 2/1/2022
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Increasing Pleistocene permafrost persistence and carbon cycle conundrums inferred from Canadian speleothems

Author(s): Biller-Celander, N., Shakun, J.D., McGee, D., Wong, C.I., Reyes, A.V., Hardt, B., Tal, I., Ford, D.C., Lauriol, B.
Publication Date: 4/28/2021
Publication: Science Advances
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External Link:

Quantifying meltwater sources and contaminant fluxes from the Athabasca Glacier, Canada

Author(s): *Staniszewska, K.S., Cooke, C.A., Reyes, A.V.
Publication Date: 12/15/2020
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Middle Eocene CO2 and climate reconstructed from the sediment fill of a subarctic kimberlite maar

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New fossil and genomic evidence constrains the timing of bison arrival in North America

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Publication Date: 3/28/2017
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Interglacial responses of the southern Greenland ice sheet over the last 430,000 years determined using particle-size specific magnetic and isotopic tracers

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Publication Date: 9/30/2016
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External Link:

American mastodon extirpation in the Arctic and Subarctic predates human colonization and terminal Pleistocene climate change

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South Greenland ice sheet collapse during Marine Isotope Stage 11

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External Link:

Permafrost response to last interglacial warming: field evidence from non-glaciated Yukon and Alaska

Author(s): Reyes, A.V., Froese, D.G., Jensen, B.J.L.
Publication Date: 8/7/2010
Publication: Quaternary Science Reviews
Volume: 29
Page Numbers: 3256-3274
External Link: