Adriana Rios Rincon, PhD, MSc, BSc

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Occupational Therapy


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Occupational Therapy



I am a graduate supervisor among the academic staff at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.


Postdoctoral Fellow funded by AGE-WELL NCE, 2018. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Ph.D In Rehabilitation Science, 2014. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada 

M.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences, 2009. Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

Specialist in Bioengineering, 2002. Universidad Distrital Francisco José De Caldas, Bogotá, Colombia

B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy, 1998. Universidad Nacional De Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia

Professional Interests

My research interests are focused on the role of assistive technologies in increasing the levels of functioning, capacity, and participation in people living with limitations. My research topics have included the development of new low-cost, high-quality assistive technologies; the study of the effects of assistive technologies on the occupational performance, functioning levels, and social participation of people with disabilities; and the provision models of assistive technologies according to a capability approach. 

My current research is devoted to investigating the use of assistive technologies to assess and promote cognitive skills and engagement in play in individuals with disabilities, mainly those with motor and cognitive impairment. I want to increase the understanding of how technology supports the health and wellness of individuals with disabilities through engagement in play. 

Research Affiliation

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Alberta Health Services


Technologies to support engagement in play in individuals with disabilities (serious games, robotics, virtual reality etc.).

Development, assessment and implementation of new low-cost, high-quality assistive technologies.

Effects of assistive technologies on occupational performance, functioning levels, and social participation.

Provision of assistive technologies. 


Interested graduate students looking for a supervisor are welcome to contact me directly.


OCCTH 522 - Enabling Occupation Through the Use of Assistive Technology

Theory and practice skills to ensure the correct interface between clients' needs, assistive technology, occupation, and context.

OCCTH 543 - Student Selected Modules

Students must successfully complete either a minimum of three distinct OCCTH modules or equivalent, which may include Independent study OCCTH 599 or equivalent course as determined by the department. Note: Course title is variable; course may be repeated.

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