Alicia Burdess

Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Education - Elementary Education


Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Education - Elementary Education


EDEL 316 - Communication Through Mathematics Education

This course provides an introduction to the teaching and learning of mathematics in the elementary classroom. The focus will be on using curriculum, strategies, planning and resources to meet student needs. Prerequisite: EDU 100 and 210; pre/corequisite EDU 211. For students in the Elementary After Degree program: pre/corequisite EDU 210, 211, and 300. EDEL 316 is offered as part of Year 3 of the Elementary Program Route.

EDEL 415 - Issues in Elementary Mathematics Education

Focus is on current issues in mathematics education related to teacher and student roles, mathematical tasks and tools, and the learning environment. Prerequisite: An introductory curriculum and instruction course in mathematics education; or consent of Department.

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