Erin Bayne

Professor, Faculty of Science - Biological Sciences
Director, Field Research Offic, HRHSE - Health, Safety & Environment


Professor, Faculty of Science - Biological Sciences
(780) 492-4165
1-275 Centennial Ctr For Interdisciplinary SCS II
11335 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H5

Director, Field Research Offic, HRHSE - Health, Safety & Environment



My research centers on understanding the cumulative ecological impacts of human activities on biodiversity. We use a combination of behavioral, population, and community ecology in combination with cutting edge techniques in wildlife monitoring, survey design, geographic information systems, and habitat modelling. Our goal is to provide recommendations on how biodiversity reacts to various types of human and natural disturbance with the goal of achieving better conservation outcomes. This includes understanding interactions between native and invasive species, interactions between climate change and land-use, and economic – ecological trade-off assessment. While many in the lab work on birds, there is no particular taxonomic bias to our research. We work closely with government, industry, and conservation organizations to facilitate better conservation decision making.

Dr Bayne is a participant in the Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS) program sponsored by NSERC CREATE


BIOL 330 - Introduction to Biological Data

Expands on prior introductions to the scientific method and examines the steps involved in the planning, collection, organization, analysis and presentation of biological data. Classes will explore the types of data used to answer a variety of biological questions and will review several different sampling designs, assess the benefits and limitations of various data types for scientific inference, and integrate the statistical methods that are common to other introductory courses. Labs will teach students how spreadsheets and relational databases can be used to manipulate, analyze, and present the results of scientific research. Prerequisites: BIOL 208 and STAT 151 or SCI 151.

ZOOL 407 - Biology of Birds

A survey of bird diversity focussing on the morphology, systematics, behaviour, and ecology of the major groups. Laboratories feature extensive use of departmental collections, with an emphasis on Alberta species. Prerequisites: ZOOL 325 or both ZOOL 224 and a 300-level Biological Sciences course.

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