Benjamin Cheung, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Dept


Assistant Teaching Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Dept
(780) 492-8788
10-361 Donadeo Innovation Centre For Engineering
9211-116 St
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H5


Area of Study / Keywords

Mechanics And Materials Composites And Polymers


My research interests include the manufacture and testing of tubular braided composites (TBCs), the use of micro-CT for non-destructive analysis of textile composite, optical methods for digital image correlation (DIC) for strain, and strategies for continuous curing of TBCs during manufacture.


ENG M 665 - Introduction to Intellectual Property and New Technology Commercialization

Intellectual property in the context of technology transfer and commercialization. Key topics include intellectual property, product development, valuation of technology, capturing value, and securing the deal. Considerations in identifying and developing new products, exploitation of intellectual property as a corporate strategy, the impact of intellectual property in new company formation and growth.

Fall Term 2021
MEC E 250 - Engineering Mechanics II

Moments of inertia. Kinematics and kinetics of rigid body motion, energy and momentum methods, impact, mechanical vibrations. Prerequisites: ENGG 130, EN PH 131 and MATH 101. There is a consolidated exam.

Winter Term 2022
MEC E 390 - Numerical Methods of Mechanical Engineers

Application of numerical methods to mechanical engineering problems; topics include sources and definitions of error, root finding, solutions of linear and non-linear systems of equations, regression, interpolaton, numerical integration and differentiation, solution of initial value and boundary value ordinary differential equations. Applications include dynamics, solid mechanics, heat transfer and fluid flow. Prerequisites: MATH 102 and 201.

Fall Term 2021 Winter Term 2022

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