Brian Fleck, PhD, PEng, ICD.D

Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Dept


Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Dept
(780) 492-6773
10-271 Donadeo Innovation Centre For Engineering
9211-116 St
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H5




  • BSc (Alberta)
  • Diploma (Von Kármán Institute)
  • MSc (Laval)
  • PhD (Queen's)


My research interests are in fluid dynamics, mixing and turbulence, multiphase flow and atomization and renewable energy.

Current Projects

  • Improving the atomization performance of nozzles in two phase flow for oilsands cokers and diesel injectors.
  • Mixing of impinging and counterflow jets in crossflows to simulate hazardous atmospheric releases.
  • Study of droplet entrainment and drag reduction in thin sheared liquid layers.
  • Practical evaluation of residential wind turbines in Alberta.


  • Experimental study of the performance of residential buildings utilizing potable water as a hydronic medium", R Prybysh, B Fleck, M Al-Hussein, S Flemming Journal of Building Engineering 16, 220-227, 2018.
  • Drag Reduction Using Polysaccharides in a Taylor–Couette Flow", P Bhambri, R Narain, B Fleck. Polymers 9 (12), 683, 2017.
  • Bubble formation regimes during gas injection into a liquid cross flow in a conduit", MA Balzán, RS Sanders, BA Fleck, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 95 (2), 372-385, 2017.
  • Experimental measurement of the velocity field of round wall jet in counterflow", M Mahmoudi, BA Fleck. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 143 (1), 04016076, 2016.
  • A stochastic power curve for wind turbines with reduced variability using conditional copula", G Bai, B Fleck, MJ Zuo Wind Energy 19 (8), 1519-1534, 2016.
  • A novel approach toward fabrication of high performance thin film composite polyamide membranes", B Khorshidi, T Thundat, BA Fleck, M Sadrzadeh, Scientific reports 6, 22069, 2016.
  • Unsteadiness of the internal flow in an effervescent atomizer nozzle", M Hong, BA Fleck, DS Nobes, Experiments in fluids 55 (12), 1855, 2014.


MEC E 200B - Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Introduction to the profession of mechanical engineering with special emphasis of industries in Alberta, including coverage of elements of ethics, equity, concepts of sustainable development and environmental stewardship, public and worker safety and health considerations including the context of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act. Selected guest speakers on design problems in mechanical engineering. Communication skills including written and oral presentations.

Summer Term 2020