John Bowman

Professor, Faculty of Science - Mathematics & Statistical Sciences


Professor, Faculty of Science - Mathematics & Statistical Sciences




Turbulence Theory, Numerical Algorithms


MATH 373 - Mathematical Programming and Optimization I

Introduction to optimization. Problem formulation. Linear programming. The simplex method and its variants (revised Simplex method, dual simplex method). Extreme points of polyhedral sets. Theory of linear inequalities (Farkas Lemma). Complementary slackness and duality. Post-optimality analysis. Interior point methods. Applications (elementary games, transportation problems, networks, etc.). Prerequisites: One of MATH 102, 125 or 127, and one of MATH 209, 214 or 217.

Fall Term 2020
MATH 417 - Honors Real Variables I

Brief review of set operations and countable sets. Measure theory, integration theory, Lebesgue measure and integrals on R^n, product measure, Tonelli-Fubini theorem. Functions of bounded variation, absolutely continuous functions. Prerequisite: MATH 317 or 414.

Winter Term 2021

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