Benjamin Nakashima Paniagua, PhD, MSc, PEng

Associate Teaching Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Dept


Associate Teaching Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Dept


Area of Study / Keywords

Engineering Management Resource Planning Process Management Information And Knowledge Management Design And Manufacturing Advanced Manufacturing Manufacturing Management


Research Interests:

  • Large-scale System Optimization Methods
  • Technology Development and Transfer
  • Systems and Product Design Methodologies


Teaching Interests:

  • New technology-based teaching strategies/methodologies development and implementation


ENG M 401 - Financial Management for Engineers

The application of the fundamentals of engineering economics, financial analysis and market assessment to engineering alternatives in the planning, development and ongoing management of industrial enterprises. The course covers the use of engineering, economic, financial and market assessment information in investment and business operation decisions in technology oriented companies. Note: Credit cannot be obtained for more than one of ENGG 310, ENGG 401, ENG M 310, or ENG M 401.

Winter Term 2022
ENG M 530 - Engineering Project Management

Introduction to project management tools, techniques, templates, and methodologies. This course examines the eight knowledge areas of the Project Management Institute (PMI) which provide an integrated approach to managing engineering projects. Prerequisites: One of ENGG 310, 401 or ENG M 310, 401.

Fall Term 2021
MEC E 460 - Design Project

Feasibility study and detailed design of a project which requires students to exercise creative ability, to make assumptions and decisions based on synthesis of technical knowledge, and in general, devise new designs, rather than analyse existing ones. Prerequisites: MEC E 200, 330 or 331, 340, 360, 362, 370 or 371, 380. Corequisite: ENG M 310 (or ENG M 401).

Winter Term 2022
MEC E 467 - Modelling and Simulation of Engineering Systems

Modeling and analysis of systems and processes that include technological decision making. Formulation and solution methods for systems including associated resource requirements and other system inputs. Numerical methods for simulation. Projects will involve simulation software to support analysis and design of engineering systems and processes. Prerequisites: MEC E 250 and 390. Note that credit cannot be obtained in both MEC E 467 and ENG M 541.

Winter Term 2022

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