Benjamin Tucker

Professor, Faculty of Arts - Linguistics Dept


Professor, Faculty of Arts - Linguistics Dept
(780) 492-5952
4-15 Assiniboia Hall
9137 116 St NW
T6G 2E7


LING 205 - Phonetics

Recognizing, transcribing, and producing speech sounds using the International Phonetic Alphabet; problems in phonetic analysis; elementary acoustic phonetics; techniques for describing the sound system of an unfamiliar language. Sections may be offered at an increased rate of fee assessment; refer to the Tuition and Fees page in the University Regulations sections of the Calendar. Prerequisite: LING 101.

Winter Term 2023

LING 375 - Linguistics Directed Research I

Independent study of a particular sub-area of linguistics. Normally offered as a reading course and directed research practicum through special prior arrangement. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.

Fall Term 2022

LING 512 - Acoustic Phonetics

Analysis of the articulatory, perceptual, and acoustic aspects of speech signal; measuring the acoustic aspects of speech. Prerequisite: LING 310. Note: Open to senior undergraduates in Linguistics.

Fall Term 2022

LING 513 - Speech Technology

Introduction to speech synthesis and speech recognition, with some time allotted to other speech and language technologies. The purpose of this course is to give students background that would be useful for work in the speech technology industry. Prerequisite: LING 205 or consent of Department. Note: Open to senior undergraduates in Linguistics.

Winter Term 2023

LING 523 - Introduction Statistics for Linguistic Data

Basic statistical concepts, analysis methods and visualization techniques focusing on linguistic data. Prerequisite: any one of LING 308, LING 309, LING 310 or equivalent, or consent of Department.

Fall Term 2022

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