Carmel Montgomery, PhD, MN, BSN, RN

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing

Pronouns: she, her


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing
(780) 492-4547
5-258 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy
11405 - 87 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 1C9


Area of Study / Keywords

Critical Illness Frailty Health Economics Cardiovascular disease Advanced Practice Nursing


I have varied clinical and administrative experience across multiple care settings. My ICU nursing experience spans adult and pediatric general units, adult specialized cardiac surgery units as well as fixed wing/rotary air and ground transport of ICU patients. In the community I was the palliative home care clinical nurse specialist. I spent a number of years as project lead for multiple quality, patient safety and process improvement projects in cardiology, ICU and emergency departments. My PhD coursework included epidemiology, biostatistics and health economic evaluation. My program of research is focused on clinical and cost outcomes associated with: critical illness, particularly in patients with pre-admission frailty; nursing leadership; ICU nursing turnover; and advanced practice nurses.

Academic training

Postdoctoral fellow - Network of Alberta Health Economists

PhD - Department of Critical Care Medicine, University of Alberta

MN - Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta

Advanced Studies in Critical Care Nursing - School of Nursing, Mount Royal University

BSN - College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan


Current research activities

  • COVID-19 associated outcomes in ICU patients with pre-admission frailty
  • COVID-19 impact on symptomatic cardiac and stroke presentations to primary points of care
  • STARRT AKI in-trial economic evaluation
  • Costs associated with low- and high-risk admissions to ICU
  • Functional and HRQL outcomes in ECMO survivors
  • Thermoregulation in older patients admitted to ICU
  • Impact of nurse practitioner led post-cardiac surgery follow-up clinic
  • Impact of nurse practitioner role in the emergency department
  • Streamlining referral to the ICU Survivorship Clinic

Current funding

As principal investigator

  • ARNET Early Career Nursing Investigator - Impact of NP-led cardiac surgery follow-up clinic (2021-2022)
  • Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses Research Grant – Costs Associated with Early Mortality in ICU (2020-2021)

As co-principal investigator

  • Canadian Frailty Network / CIHR Research Grant - COVID-19 Associated Outcomes of Critical Illness in Patients with Frailty, NPI: OG Rewa (2020-2022)
  • Critical Care Strategic Clinical Network Systematic Review Grant - Frailty-inclusive care pathways in acute and community-based care: Evidence review and synthesis, PI: D Rolfson (2021-2022)

As co-investigator

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR): REVIVe – Frailty, Rehabilitation, and Hospitalization Outcomes in Adult and Pediatric Survivors of COVID-19, PI: ME Kho, OG Rewa, K Choong (2021-2024)

As collaborator

  • Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Health System (PRIHS 6): Improving the delivery of acute dialysis to critically ill Albertans: Dialyzing Wisely, PI: OG Rewa (2021-2024)



NURS 316 - Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I (undergraduate)

NURS 125/335 - Nursing Practice - Health Assessment and Nursing Process (undergraduate)

NURS 596 - Foundations in Nursing Research (graduate)

NURS 597 - Understanding Complex Systems (graduate)

Current trainees

Primary supervision

Sarah Lartey, PhD student, co-supervision with Dr. Greta Cummings, project: Nursing leadership development within the workplace: Interventions that promote retention of experienced registered nurses in health care settings. 2021-present.

Ian Alagadan, PhD student, co-supervision with Dr. Greta Cummings, project: Impact of nursing leadership style on patient outcomes in ICU. 2022-present.


Prospective graduate students

Please review my areas of research and provide an outline of your proposed research topic and CV by email.


NURS 316 - Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I

The focus is on applying foundational knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacology to evidence-informed nursing practice. It highlights the concepts of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in relation to alterations in health. Note: Available only to nursing students in the After Degree/After Degree Honors Program. Students must achieve a minimum grade of C+ in order to progress in the program. Credit may be obtained for only one of NURS 316 or 113.

NURS 335 - Nursing Practice - Health Assessment

The focus is on the health assessment of the adult, and expected health assessment findings throughout the lifespan. The course provides a beginning foundation of the nursing process as framework for developing assessment skills and use of clinical technologies necessary for determining client health status and provision of care. Note: Available only to nursing students in the After Degree/After Degree Honors Program or RPN-BScN Program. Students must achieve a minimum grade of C+ in order to progress in the program. Credit cannot be obtained for NURS 335 if credit is granted for NURS 105 or 305.

NURS 596 - Research Foundations

Explore diverse methods and approaches to formal research inquiry, including Indigenous research approaches. Compare and contrast research methods and practices, including approaches to framing of the research question, generating and analyzing data, presenting and disseminating findings. Increase understanding of research literacy, appraisal of rigour, and roles of research team members leading and participating in research endeavours.

NURS 597 - Understanding Complex Systems

Explore the complex nature of nursing practice in the context of evolving healthcare systems, including fiscal, policy and regulatory environments. Emphasis is placed on models of care delivery, relationships within and between systems, and issues of health inequity, gender, culture, and bias.

NURS 661 - Guided Individual Study in Nursing

A course designed for in-depth, individual study of a topic related to PhD-level nursing. Learning experiences may include clinical experience.

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Association between pre-operative frailty and outcomes among adults undergoing cardiac surgery: A prospective cohort study

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Early mortality in critical illness – A descriptive analysis of patients who died within 24 hours of ICU admission

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Implementation of population-level screening for frailty among patients admitted to adult intensive care in Alberta, Canada

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Frailty and the association between long-term recovery after ICU

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