Clayton Dickson

Professor, Faculty of Science - Psychology Science


Professor, Faculty of Science - Psychology Science
(780) 492-7860
P-439 Bio Science - Psychology Wing
11355 - Saskatchewan Drive
Edmonton AB
T6G 2E9



Coordinated rhythmic neuronal activity is an operational facet of the nervous system that may underlie such basic psychological processes such as perception, attention, and memory. Our lab studies the neurophysiological mechanisms and the role of such activity in medial temporal lobe memory regions of the brain. Our research is relevant to the encoding, consolidation and recall of information taking place in this area and is also relevant to neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and Epilepsy.


Lack of respiratory coupling with neocortical and hippocampal slow oscillations.
Author(s): Viczko J, Sharma AV, Pagliardini S, Wolansky T, and Dickson CT
Publication Date: 2014
Publication: J Neurosci

Spontaneous and electrically modulated spatiotemporal dynamics of the neocortical slow oscillation and associated local fast activity.
Author(s): Greenberg A, and Dickson CT
Publication Date: 2013
Publication: NeuroImage

Spontaneous sleep-like brain state alternations and breathing characteristics in urethane anesthetized mice.
Author(s): Pagliardini S, Gosgnach S, and Dickson CT
Publication Date: 2013
Publication: PLoS ONE

Neurosilence: Suppression of neural activity with intracerebral applications of Anisomycin.
Author(s): Sharma AV Nargang F, Dickson CT
Publication Date: 2012
Publication: J Neurosci

Ups and downs in the hippocampus: The influence of oscillatory sleep states on “neuroplasticity” at different time scales
Author(s): Dickson, CT
Publication Date: 2010
Publication: Behav Brain Res