Carole Estabrooks, CM, PhD, RN, FRSC, FCAHS, FAAN, FCAN

Professor, Faculty of Nursing


Professor, Faculty of Nursing
(780) 492-3451
5-183 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy
11405 87 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 1C9


Area of Study / Keywords

knowledge translation implementation science improvement science aging long term care



  • Postdoctoral fellowship, Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences & University of Toronto (2000)
  • PhD, Nursing, University of Alberta (1997)
  • MN, University of Alberta (1987)
  • BN, University of New Brunswick (1977)

I have been a member of the faculty and principal investigator of the Knowledge Utilization Studies Program since 1997 and the longitudinal, pan Canadian Translating Research in Elder Care (TREC) research program since 2007. I hold a Tier I Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Knowledge Translation and am cross appointed in the School of Public Health, University of Alberta. I supervise undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and teach in the areas of knowledge translation and research design. My research focuses on basic and applied aspects of inquiry in the knowledge translation, knowledge utilization and implementation science fields, with a particular focus on congregate setting where older adults with dementia live (i.e., long term care or LTC). I have been the recipient of several awards and achievements among them, the J. Gordin Kaplan Award for Excellence in Research, University of Alberta, (2018), the International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame (2018), the Betty Havens Prize for Knowledge Translation in Aging (2014), the CAFA Distinguished Academic Award (2010), the Alumni Award of Distinction, University of New Brunswick (2007), the Alumni Horizon Award (2002), University of Alberta, and career scientist awards from CIHR/MRC (Health Scholar, 2000-2005) and AHFMR (Population Health Investigator, 2000-2003). In 2007 I was elected to Fellowship in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (FCAHS). In 2011 I was inducted as a Fellow into the American Academy of Nurses (FAAN). In 2020 I was inducted as a Fellow into the Royal Society of Canada. I received the Order of Canada in 2016.


COVID-19 related research

I lead studies on:

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on staff and residents in LTC
  • Evaluating a practical strategy to manage stress related to the pandemic among front line LTC staff
  • The Experiences of care aides in LTC with residents having psychological trauma

Broadly, my research focuses on knowledge translation (KT) (also known as implementation science, innovation diffusion) – interventions to increase the use of evidence, the role of organizational context (work environment) in supporting knowledge translation, the effect of knowledge translation and other strategies on resident/patient and staff outcomes. I also focus increasingly on improvement methods and the sustainability, spread and scale-up of evidence informed innovations. My work also includes work on quality of care and quality of life in LTC homes, and on staff well-being, work life and mental health. I use a variety of research designs and mixed methods and have done research in various settings including acute care, home care and paediatrics but focus now exclusively in residential long term care settings (nursing homes). I led the development of the Alberta Context Tool© (ACT), currently being used in eight countries and six languages with active translation projects ongoing. The ACT measures modifiable elements of organizational context. I have capacity in various qualitative and quantitative methods. I mostly use an integrated KT or partnered approach, that is I work with policy and decision-makers at all levels, staff and citizens.

Active Projects: Principal Investigator

  • Building a Resilient Workforce in Long-Term Care. PI: Estabrooks, C.A., Co-PIs: Norton, P.G., Hoben, M,. Squires, J.E., Keefe, K. Alberta Ministry of Health ($2,250.000).
  • How missed care occurs in nursing homes. NPA: Estabrooks, C.A., PA: Cummings, G.G., Co-As: Mallidou, A., Olson, K., O’Rourke, H., Song, Y., Weeks, L. ($270,000).
  • Unsung Heroes: Long Term Care Staff’s Quality of Work Life. (Nova Scotia Health, 2021-2022). NPI: Keefe, J. Co-I: Estabrooks, C.A., Stevens, S. ($99,951)
  • Experiences of care aides in long-term care with residents having psychological trauma. (CIHR, Institute of Aging Prize: Yves Joanette Award of Excellent in Research in Aging). Estabrooks, C.A. ($28,000)
  • Experiences of care aides in long-term care with residents having psychological trauma. (CIHR, 2021-2023). NPA: Estabrooks, C.A. CoAs: Banerjee, S., Hegadoren, K., Lanius, R., McKinnon, M., Olson, K., Thorne, T. ($195,076)
  • How missed care occurs in nursing homes. NPA: Cummings, G. PA: Estabrooks, C.A. Co-As: Mallidou, A., Olson, K., O’Rourke, H., Song, Y., Weeks, L. ($100,000)
  • The impact of the COVID-l9 Pandemic on long term care home staff and residents. NPA: (CIHR 2021-2023). Estabrooks, C.A. PA: Cummings, G. CoAs: Banerjee, S., Beeber, A., Berta, W., Bryan, S., Cranley, L., Doupe, M., Ginsburg, L., Goodarzi, Z., Goodman, C., Gruneir, A., Hoben, M., Keefe, J., Poss, J. Reid, C., Seitz, D., Song, Y., Squires, J., Teare, G., Wagg, A., Weeks, L. ($756,890)
  • Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 in Alberta LTC (TREC) homes. (Alberta Health, 2021-2022). Estabrooks CA (NPI). Co-I's: Norton, PG, Hoben, M, Spires, J, Squires, J, Cummings, G, , Goodzari, Z, Doupe, M, Keefe, J, A, Poss, J, Schalm, C, Silvius J. ($571,000)
  • Contextually Appropriate Nurse Staffing Models: A Realist Review. (CIHR, 2020-2023). NPA: Cummings, G.G. PAs: Raymond, C., Kitson, A., Harvey, G., Tod, A., Booth, A., Schoonhoven, L., Lalleman, P. Co-As: Estabrooks, C.A., Doupe, M., Schultz, T., Ryan, T., Robertson, S., Hoben, M., Oostveen, C., Stalpers, D., Flynn, R., Tate, K. KU-Co-As: Gordon, D., Chilton, S., Villeneuve, M., Hutchinson, A., Debbage, S., Jackson, W. ($313,649)
  • The Influence of Context on Implementation and Improvement (ICII). (CIHR 2019-2023). Estabrooks CA (NPI), (CO-Is): Anderson R, Beeber A, Berta W, Chamberlain S, Cummings G, Easterbrook A, Hayduk L, Hoben M, Lanham H, Lo TKT, Norton PG, Song Y, (KUs): Anderson C, Connell K, Cook H, Forbes H, Schalm C, Sheppard I, Silvius J, Stevens S, Trinidad G, (Collabs): Elliott-Lopez V, Visockas AM. ($2,096,101)
  • Scalable data analytics and visualization portal for the Canadian long-term care sector. Estabrooks, C.A. (Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) & Economic Development and Trade (EDT) Alberta, 2019-2023). ($862, 213)
  • Sustainment, Sustainability, and Spread Study (SSaSSY). (CIHR, 2018-2021). Berta W (NPI), Estabrooks CA (Co-PI), Wagg SA (Co-PI) (Co-Is): Chamberlain SA, Clement F, Cranley L, Dopue M, Easterbrook A, Ginsburg L, Hoben M, Keefe J, Norton PG, Rappon T, Reid C, Song Y, Squires J, Anderson R, Poss J. ($967,724)
  • Longitudinal monitoring for quality of care at the end of life in nursing homes. (CIHR 2019-2020). Gruneir A (NPI), (Co-PIs): Estabrooks CA, Hoben M, (PKU): Silvius J, (Co-Is): Berta W, Bronskill S, Chamberlain SA, Cummings GG, Doupe M, Easterbrook A, Lo TKT, Poss J, (KUs): Anderson C, Forbes H, Sheppard I, Trinidad G, (Collabs): Gish J, Good A, Kemp K, McBain K, Murphy R, Visockas A-M, Kieloch B, Marshall S. ($512,551)
  • TREC: Translating Research in Elder Care. (CIHR & Partner Funds, 2014-2020). Estabrooks CA (PI), (Co-Is): Berta W, Cranley L, Cummings GG, Dearing J, Doupe M, Ginsburg L, Hayduk L, Keefe J, Norton P, Reid C, Senthilselvan A, Smith M, Squires J, Teare G, , Wagg A, (KUs): Anderson C, Bloemink K, Cook H, Davidson H, Risling E, Schalm C, Taylor D, Trinidad G. ($9.4M).

Active Projects: Co-Investigator

  • An Underrepresented, Undervalued Workforce: Understanding and Supporting Quality of Work Life in Long-term Care. (CIHR 2023-2027). NPA: Keefe, J, PAs: Audas, R., Estabrooks, C., Tomblin Murphy, G. Co-A’s: MacKenzie, A., McArthur, C., Norman, K., Weeks, L., Wilson, R. ($2,103,752)
  • Counting what counts: Assessing Quality of Life and its social determinants among long-term care residents with dementia. (CIHR 2022-2025). NPA: Hoben, M, PA's: Estabrooks, CA, Jarrett, P. CoAs: Arya, A, Aubrecht, K, Banerjee, S, Beeber, A, Chamberlain, S, Devkota, R, Doupe, M, Hughes, L, Keefe, J, Kelly, C, Kobayashi, K, O’Rourke, H, Ristau, M, Salma, J, Shrestha, S, Stajduhar, K. ($785,000)
  • COPE LTC Study: Care pathway for Older Persons with depressive disorders in Long Term Care. (CIHR 2021-2023). NPA: Goodarzi, Z., PAS: Hoben, M., Seltz, D., Virk, N., Bruneau, M., Estabrooks, C.A. Ewa, V., Fox, L., Gruneir, A., Holroyd-Leduc, J., Ismail, Z., Knopp-Sihota, J., Poss, J. Quail, P., Sutherland, J. Watt, J. ($240,976)
  • Improving pain assessment in nursing home residents with dementias. (CIHR, 2018-2021). Knopp-Sihota J (NPI), Doupe M, Estabrooks CA, Hoben M, Kaasalainen S, Parker D, Poss J, Thompson G, (Collaborators): Mann J, VanWicklin C. ($577,574)
  • Effective Knowledge Translation Strategies for Enhancing Impact and Improving Outcomes in Infant Pain. (CIHR, 2016-2023). Stevens B (PI), Program Experts: Barwock M, Campbell-Yeo M, Chambers C, Estabrooks CA, Gibbins S, Harrison D, Isaranuwatchai W, Le May S, Noel M, Slotta J, Stinson J, Synnes A, Willan A, Yamada J. ($3,823,346)


I teach in the areas of knowledge translation, policy analysis, research design and methods, and organizational and health care outcomes. I typically mentor graduate students whose interests are in how organizations influence resident (patient) outcomes, provider outcomes, the use of best practices, and/or whose interests lie in the use of implementation and improvement science and other methods to positively influence outcomes. In addition to graduate students I supervise postdoctoral fellows and honors undergraduate students. Several  funded post doctoral fellows currently work with me. I have taught NURS 683 (Advanced Design) and I developed and have taught INT D 690 (Topics in Knowledge Utilization) many times. I have also taught NURS 503 (Research Methods), NURS 600 (Theory Development) and NURS 699 (Dissertation Seminar).

Current Trainees

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Cybele Angel, PhD (University of Alberta)
  • Alba Iaconi, PhD (University of Michigan)
  • Yinfei, PhD (University of Minnesota)
  • Tannaz Saeidzadeh (University of Iowa)

Doctoral Students

  • Ashikur Rahman
  • Brittany DeGraves
  • Trina Thorne

Masters Students

Honours Undergraduate Students

For a complete list of trainees visit the KUSP Website.


**New postdoctoral opportunity** (Jan 16, 2924) I am immediately recruiting for a 1- 2 year postdoc who will undertake sensitive interviews with care aides in LTC about their experiences caring for resident whom they believe have a history of psychological trauma. The successful candidate must have: a completed PhD, demonstrable knowledge, experience and skill in qualitative research, highly developed oral and written communication skills. If you think you may quality please send me a detailed cover letter, a current CV and 1 or 2 publications on which you are first author by Feb 2, 2024. 

I am also  interested in recruiting postdoctoral fellows who are competitive for CIHR, MITACS, ASC or other federal extramural funding and who have solid QUANTITATIVE experience. We do work on advanced analyses of several waves of high quality survey data from all levels of staff in LTC homes, and in our linkable resident administrative database, as well as, in a much larger provincial resident database. E-mail me for further details. Candidates must be able to work independently and have strong quantitative skills and the ability to work in large databases; strong research design knowledge is a definite asset. Expertise in SAS, SPSS, STATA, R and/or other software program is required. Interested candidates will need to submit: (1) a detailed cover letter describing how the candidate’s background and previous training fit the qualifications of the position and their ability to meet the duties and responsibilities outlined, (2) the cover letter should reflect some familiarity with the TREC program, (3) a curriculum vitae, and (4) the contact information of academic references (and a decision-maker reference if applicable) to:

I also have capacity to support honors undergraduate students. 

My research program offers significant opportunity to work with and publish from an extensive and rich longitudinal database - for theses, postdoctoral and other projects. Students who are interested in applying for competitive extramural program funding should read information on relevant sites (e.g., CIHR, Alberta Innovates (AI), Alzheimer's Society, MITACS, etc.). These programs are highly competitive and require a very high GPA and depending on the level of award, good quality peer reviewed publications (the more senior, the higher the requirements), outside interests and volunteer experience. The CIHR Vainer (PhD) studies and CIHR Banting (post doctoral studies) and the Killam's are the most competitive awards in Canada. Competitive students will be supported to apply. Similarly competitive honours and general undergraduate students may also be supported for summer funding (CFN, SCN, and AI, as well as, MITACS international research exchange programs).

If your research interests are aligned with my program of research and area of expertise, I welcome your requests. However, whether I accept a request for supervision will depend on: (a) whether I currently have capacity to supervise another student or postdoctoral fellow, and (b) whether the student or postdoctoral fellow's research interests are aligned with my own program of research and areas of expertise. Before reaching out, please make sure to carefully read what areas of research I focus on and research methods in which I have expertise. I will only respond to requests that:

  • Clearly demonstrate that the trainee has read and understood my areas of research and expertise
  • Include an initial idea of a research topic the trainee wants to work on with me
  • Outline how the proposed research idea is aligned with my areas of research and expertise
  • Include the student's CV

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