Claudia Villeneuve

Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering - Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept


Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering - Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept


CIV E 270 - Mechanics of Deformable Bodies I

Plane stress and strain; stress-strain relationships; stresses and deformations resulting from axial and transverse loads; buckling of columns; torsion of circular sections; combined stress; statically indeterminate problems. Laboratory to demonstrate mechanical properties and verify assumptions of analysis. Prerequisites: ENGG 130 and MATH 101.

EXMGT 5427 - Project Management Essentials

Project management has become a critical skill in every work place. Managers need to know the tools, techniques and have the knowledge to handle projects and deliver successful outcomes. Learn the basics to help you plan, execute, and control project management activities. This is an introductory project management course. We will explore successful projects and why projects that seemingly follow all the necessary rigor and methodology fail. In the end, students will leave with an enhanced ability to plan, execute and control their project management activities.

EXMGT 5443 - Project Management: Risk and Resourcing

Risk management and resource planning are key elements in the successful completion of a project. The processes and activities necessary to manage risk, a detailed understanding of the increased importance of project procurement, and the core concepts, as well as tools and practices, to be employed for effective project human resource management will be studied in this two-day seminar. Using an applicable case study, the concepts learned in the classroom can be immediately applied to your real-life project.

EXMGT 5444 - Project Management: From Communication to Closure

This seminar has been designed to give new and experienced project managers and project team members the essential tools they need to deliver successful projects. You will acquire the skills, tools and practices necessary, through the use of a real-life case study, for successful project communication, measuring project progress, project close out and transition to operations.

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