Chris Westbury, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Science - Psychology Science


Professor, Faculty of Science - Psychology Science
(780) 492-5275
P-577 Bio Science - Psychology Wing
11355 - Saskatchewan Drive
Edmonton AB
T6G 2E9



I was born and raised in Calgary.I have two undergraduate degrees from McGill University, one in philosophy (major) and computer science (minor) and the other in psychology (major). I also graduated with a PhD in clinical psychology from McGill University. 


My research interest focus on understanding the structure and neurological underpinnings of language processing, mostly focused on written words. I have a particular interest in semantics, the study of word meaning.


I currently teach the graduate Professional and Ethical Issues course (PSYCO502) and a 4th year course in psychometrics, the measurement of psychological constructs such as IQ and clinical diagnostic categories (PSYCO431).


PSYCH 431 - Theory and Practice of Psychometrics

The nature of psychological tests: some practical work in administration, scoring and interpretation of tests. Prerequisites: STAT 141 or 151 or 161 and PSYCH 333 or 335. [Faculty of Arts].

PSYCH 502 - Professional and Ethical Issues

[Faculty of Arts]

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