Christina Rinaldi, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Education - Educational Psychology Dept


Professor, Faculty of Education - Educational Psychology Dept
6-137 Education Centre - North
8730 - 112 St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2G5



Dr. Rinaldi is a registered psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a member of the following professional organizations: Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), and the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD).


Dr. Rinaldi’s research focus is in the area of social and emotional learning and development of children and adolescents. Her professional and scholarly experience working in schools, hospitals, and community settings has informed her research. Dr. Rinaldi’s current research projects examine (a) children’s school readiness in both academic and non-academic areas, (b) how mother-child and father-child relationships promote adaptive social and academic behaviours over time, and (c) parents’ and students’ understanding of bullying and the various strategies and supports they use to help promote healthy relationships.

To learn more about her research projects and her mentorship of graduate students visit the Learning Engagement and Parenting (LEAP) lab website:


EDPY 302 Learning and Development in Childhood 

EDPY 517 Child and Adolescent Development 

EDPY 528 Foundations of Child and Adolescent Intervention 

EDPY 614 Social and Emotional Development 

EDPY 640 Developmental Psychopathology

EDPY 644 Consultation in School and Clinical Child Psychology 


EDPY 528 - Foundations of Child and Adolescent Intervention

The course takes a developmental psychological approach to understanding psychological practice and interventions with children and adolescents. Prerequisite: EDPY 527 or equivalent.

Winter Term 2022
EDPY 614 - Social and Emotional Development

Examines current theoretical, methodological, and applied issues in social and emotional behavioural development. Discussion of atypical development will also be incorporated.

Fall Term 2021
EDPY 640 - Developmental Psychopathology

This course will provide students with the theoretical and empirical preparation necessary for advanced clinical training in the diagnosis of mental disorders and psychopathology. This course will emphasize methods of conceptualizing the diagnostic process, with particular focus on developmental psychopathology, differential diagnosis, and assessment that is closely linked to intervention. Students will develop familiarity with the clinical presentation and diagnostic criteria of major mental disorders as they are commonly encountered in practice, primarily as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as well as coverage of alternate diagnostic systems such as the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases. The course will explore both strengths and weaknesses of the medical model of pathology as it applies to educational and psychological problems, leaving students to formulate and establish their approach regarding its utility in clinical practice. Restricted to students enrolled in the School and Clinical Child Psychology or Counselling Psychology programs.

Fall Term 2021

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Evidence for the need to support for the Need to Support Adolescents Dealing with Harassment and Cyber-Harassment: Prevalence, Progression, and Impact
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Gender Differences of Mothers’ and Fathers’ Internal State Language with their Young Children
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Parents’ perceptions of children’s weight: The accuracy of ratings and associations to strategies for feeding
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