Doris Audet, PhD


Augustana - Deans Office





NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow, Université de Sherbrooke

PhD (Biology), York University

MSc (Biology), Carleton University

BSc (Biologie), Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Teaching Awards

2013 University of Alberta Teaching Unit Award for "Field Studies in Tropical Ecology and Conservation Courses" (with Dr Dave Larson)

2011 Team-Teaching award, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta for "Field Studies in Tropical Ecology and Conservation Courses" (with Dr Dave Larson)


Most of my research is related to the ecology and behaviour of bats. My current research is integrated with my teaching, aiming to engage undergraduate students in the scientific process in as many ways as possible. The projects, rooted in the discipline of behavioural ecology, take place as directed studies, undergraduate summer internships and in courses offered either on campus or in the field. This includes projects in Costa Rica on the patterns of habitat use and roosting ecology of bats and the assessment and conservation of biodiversity. On the Augustana campus, recent projects addressed questions related to variation in behavioural phenotypes of Mongolian gerbils.


Undergraduate courses that I currently teach include: Integrative Biology II (Introductory course on evolutionary mechanisms and biological diversity), Vertebrate Form and Function, Vertebrate Physiology, Conservation Theory and Biodiversity in Tropical Systems, Field Studies in Tropical Ecology and Conservation, Animal Behaviour, Advanced Topics in Evolutionary Ecology and Directed Studies Courses.