Esme Dijke


Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Laboratory Medicine & Pathology Dept


Area of Study / Keywords


Esme Dijke is currently appointed as Assistant Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.


LABMP 530 - Experimental Design and Scientific Communication

This course is designed to develop the skills of graduate students in the areas of critical review of clinical and basic science literature, experimental study design, research ethics, concepts in oral and poster presentations of scientific research, abstract writing for clinical and basic science conferences, as well as how to maximize the scientific conference experience. Active class discussion is a component of each lecture, with group and individual assignments to give practical experiences to each student immediately applicable to their graduate research program. Open to graduate students and clinical residents in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Students from other faculties may register with consent of the instructors.

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