Doris Kieser

Associate Professor, St Joseph's College


Associate Professor, St Joseph's College
(780) 492-7681
0-13 St. Joseph's College
114 St - 89 Ave
Edmonton AB
T6G 2J5


CHRTC 250 - The Theological Education of the Catholic Teacher

The components that make up the education of the Catholic teacher. Issues include credal statements, the moral and social teachings of the Church, liturgical practices, a general theology and theory of Catholic education.

Fall Term 2020 Winter Term 2021
CHRTC 351 - Sex, Love and Marriage: Christian Perspectives

Questions of meaning and morality concerning sex, love, marriage, non-marital sex, parenthood, relationship and marriage breakup, celibacy, gender, and homosexuality, considered in the light of experience, the Bible, Catholic teaching, traditional and contemporary theological discussion.

Fall Term 2020
CHRTC 361 - Death, Dying and Culture: Christian Perspectives

Facets of death and dying as they manifest in the Christian tradition and contemporary culture. Topics may include: faith and death, ritual, spiritual practices, caring for the dying, allowing to die, assisting in death, medical perceptions of death, social responses to death/dying, grief and mourning.

Winter Term 2021
CHRTC 391 - Women's Spirituality in Contemporary Christianity

Women's experience of God and the Christian life expressed in the history of spirituality, personal faith development and contemporary culture.

Fall Term 2020

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