Daniel Livy

Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Anatomy Dept


Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Anatomy Dept
(780) 492-7596
6-08 Medical Sciences Building
8613 - 114 St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H7


ANAT 200 - Human Morphology

An introductory survey course in general human anatomy. The course covers the gross and microscopic anatomy of the tissues, organs and organ systems of the body, with emphasis on the relationships, interactions and functions of major structures.

ANAT 305 - Cross-Sectional Anatomy

A study of human gross anatomy from a regional perspective, with a particular emphasis on cross-sectional structure and three-dimensional relationships. Students will apply their knowledge to correlate prosected human cadaveric specimens with radiological images derived from a variety of techniques. This course is intended to prepare students who are considering a career in applied radiological imaging and radiotherapy. Prerequisite: ANAT 200 or permission of the Department.

ANAT 403 - The Human Body

A detailed, regional study of the gross anatomy of the human body using functional, clinical, and evolutionary perspectives. Will include lectures and laboratory sessions involving dissection of human cadavers. Prerequisite: ANAT 200 or equivalent and consent of Division.

ANAT 503 - Human Anatomy

A detailed, regional examination of human structure incorporating functional, developmental, clinical and evolutionary perspectives. This course will used both didactic and practical instruction, including the dissection of human cadaveric tissue. Prerequisite: ANAT 200 with a minimum grade of B+ or consent of Division. Restricted to students registered in the Pathologist's Assistant program.

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