Dawn Pepper


Faculty of Nursing


NURS 518 - Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning - Neonate

The focus of this course is on the development of advanced assessment and diagnostic reasoning skills for common variations in the health status of neonates. Students will gain an understanding of advanced assessment and applied pathophysiology related to specific health problems for the neonate in emergent to chronic health care situations. Opportunities to apply clinical diagnostic reasoning skills and decision making required for the assessment of neonatal problems are provided through labs including clinical simulation and a clinical practicum. An on campus intensive of 3-5 days may be held at the beginning of term. Prerequisites or corequisites: NURS 520 and NURS 522.

NURS 520 - Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics-Neonate

Graduate seminar on the principles of pharmacotherapeutics and individual differences related to gender and clinical conditions of the neonate. Specific drug classes chosen as having the widest use with neonates will be used to illustrate application of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic principles. The focus is on decision-making related to prescribing and monitoring. Clinical simulation will be used to augment learning. Corequisite: NURS 522 or by consent of instructor.

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