Don N. Page, PhD, FRSC

Professor, Faculty of Science - Physics


Professor, Faculty of Science - Physics
(780) 492-4129
3-121 Centennial Ctr For Interdisciplinary SCS II
11335 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H5



BA(1971) William Jewell College, USA;
MS(1972) Caltech, USA; PhD(1976) Caltech;
MA(1978) U Cambridge, UK;
Research Assistant, U Cambridge, 1976-79;
Asst. Prof., Penn State U, USA, 1979-83;
Assoc. Prof., Penn State, 1983-86;
Prof., Penn State, 1986-90;
Prof., UofA, Canada, 1990-present


Cosmology and theoretical gravitational physics


PHYS 208 - Aspects of Modern Physics

Experimental evidence for limitations of classical physics; Einstein's special theory of relativity; length contraction; time dilation; twin paradox; equivalence of mass and energy; relativistic mass and momentum; the photo-electric effect, the Compton effect, X-ray production and electron diffraction; a discussion of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and the Schrodinger equation including applications of one dimensional potential wells and barriers; tunnelling; the simple harmonic oscillator; atomic physics; hydrogen atom; periodic table. Prerequisites: one of PHYS 124, PHYS 144, or EN PH 131, and one of PHYS 126, PHYS 146, or PHYS 130; MATH 113 or 114 or 134 or 144 or 154. Credit may be obtained in only one of PHYS 208 or 271.

PHYS 301 - Particles, Nuclei, and the Cosmos

Relativity; properties and structure of the nucleus; radioactivity, carbon dating, tracer techniques; nuclear fission; fusion; nuclear reactors; elementary particles and particle accelerators; standard model; astrophysics; cosmology. Prerequisite: PHYS 208 or 271; MATH 101 or 115 or 118 or 136 or 146 or 156 or SCI 100. Note: This course is not available for credit toward Honors Physics and Mathematical Physics degree programs. Offered alternate years only. Consult Department for course scheduling.

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