David Simpson

Grad Research Assistantship, Faculty of Arts - Psychology Dept


Grad Research Assistantship, Faculty of Arts - Psychology Dept


PSYCH 105 - Individual and Social Behavior

Introduction to the study of human individuality, personality, and social psychological processes. Some aspects of normal and abnormal human development, psychological assessment and treatment may be reviewed. Fulfillment of the 1/4 laboratory credit typically entails serving as a research participant but can be fulfilled through the completion of alternative assignments. Note: PSYCH 104 and 105 can be taken in either term, but not in the same term. [Faculty of Arts]

PSYCH 305 - Special Topics in Psychology I

Review and discussion of special topics or methods in one or more of the areas of contemporary psychology such as developmental, social, personality, cognitive. Prerequisites: PSYCH 104 or SCI 100, PSYCH 105 and a 200-level PSYCH class. Note: Consult the Department of Psychology's website for the specific topic(s) offered each year and any additional prerequisites. [Faculty of Arts]

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