Elaine Hyshka, BA, MA, PhD

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Health Systems Innovation, School of Public Health


Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Health Systems Innovation, School of Public Health
(780) 613-5105
4-061 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy
11405 87 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
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I am currently appointed as an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Health Systems Innovation at the University of Alberta's School of Public Health. My research spans both health services and systems and population health pillars, and focuses on advancing a public health approach to substance use. My program leverages my interdisciplinary background and diverse methodological experience to generate new knowledge that advances health systems innovation and improves health outcomes. My research team has a core engaged scholarship orientation and our work is conducted from start to finish in partnership with people with lived experience of substance use, poverty, and homelessness; healthcare providers; health authorities; civil society organizations; and governments at all levels. Our work has three complementary foci:

  1. Evaluating health systems innovations designed to reduce substance use morbidity and mortality
  2. Understanding determinants of public health policy change, and critically analyzing substance use policy
  3. Supporting the spread of evidence-informed health systems innovations addressing substance use

Degrees and Experience

Prior to commencing my faculty position, I completed a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences and a CIHR-funded studentship in health services and policy research (University of Alberta). I also hold a Master of Arts in Sociology and Certificate in Addiction Studies (University of Toronto) and have previously worked in research and policy development for municipal and federal government and within the health system.


My research and public health leadership have been recognized by multiple awards, including a Trailblazer Award (2020) from CIHR's Institute of Population and Public Health, Harm Reduction International’s Brooklyn McNeil Rae of Hope Award (2017), and an Alberta Health Services' President's Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievements in Innovation (2016), among others. Between May 2017 and November 2019, I was appointed Co-Chair of the provincial Minister of Health's Opioid Emergency Response Commission.



I am currently accepting PhD students and MSc students whose interests closely align with my research program. If you are looking for a graduate supervisor in the School of Public Health, please review my publications and email me a short outline of your proposed research topic and a copy of your current CV. More information about my current research is also available here and here.

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