Eric Parent, PhD

Associate Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Physical Therapy


Associate Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Physical Therapy
(780) 492-8889
6-110G Clinical Sciences Building
11304 - 83 Ave NW
T6G 2G3




  • BSc. PT, MSc. experimental medicine, PhD rehabilitation science 
  • Post-doctorate - University of Utah - Supervised by Julie Fritz - 2006-2007 
  • Post-doctorate - Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital - 2006 
  • PhD - University of Alberta - Supervised by Michèle Crites-Battié and Tapio Videman - 2005 
  • MSc - Université Laval - Supervised by Hélène Moffet - 2000 
  • BSc.- Sciences de la Santé Physiothérapie - Université Laval - 1996


Dr. Parent is originally from Lac-à-la-Tortue, halfway between Montréal and Québec City. He studied physiotherapy at Université Laval in Québec City. He worked as a physiotherapist in a private practice with a focus on musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Parent completed his MSc in Experimental Medicine (Rehabilitation) at Université Laval in 2000. In 2005, he received his PhD in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Alberta. Dr. Parent’s PhD work focused on the development of a measure of lumbar disc contour abnormality on MRI. He completed one year of post-doctoral work with the Edmonton Scoliosis Research Group with a focus on the assessment of the measurement properties of health-related quality of life questionnaires and surface topography measures. He also completed a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr Julie Fritz at the University of Utah where he conducted a cohort study to create a prediction rule to identify the responders to extension exercises and understand the mechanisms of action for these exercises. Dr. Parent completed the Intermountain Healthcare mini-training program in Health Care Delivery Improvement. In January 2008, he joined the Department of Physical Therapy with a cross-appointment as a Clinical-Scientist at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital within the Edmonton Scoliosis Research Group


Professional Interests

Dr. Parent’s research interests are in the assessment of the measurement properties of questionnaires and performance measures. He is also focused on the development of prediction rules to identify responders to physical therapy treatments. Further, Dr. Parent is interested in assessing the mechanisms of action of physical therapy interventions using quantitative measures from MR images. The clinical populations he is most interested in are low back pain and scoliosis.

Current Research

  • The Schroth Exercise Trial for Scoliosis (SETS) study
  • The measurement properties of Full-torso surface topography for scoliosis
  • Spinal stiffness characteristics and muscle thickness asymmetries at different levels of scoliosis curves.
  • Identifying predictors of good therapeutic response to repeated exercises in patients with low back pain
  • Correlations between the changes in pain and the changes in lumbar pathoanatomical findings in response to repeated movement exercises.


Eric Parent, PhD, is a graduate supervisor at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.


Dr. Parent currently mentors two PhD students and one MSc student.


PTHER 573 - Applied Concepts in Evidence-Based Practice

Identification and evaluation of best evidence for a client observed during clinical placement. Critical appraisal methodologies such as single subject design, critically appraised topics, systematic review and clinical practice guidelines will be introduced and applied to the clinical context. Prerequisite: PTHER 572.

Summer Term 2022

PTHER 900 - Evidence Based Practice Capping Assessment

Credit. This capping exercise is composed of a group written evaluative project with an individual oral examination. Prerequisite: Consult Department.

Spring Term 2022

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