Erin Scully

ATS Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Science - Psychology Science


ATS Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Science - Psychology Science


PSYCH 104 - Basic Psychological Processes

Principles and development of perception, motivation, learning, and thinking and their relationship to the psychological functioning of the individual. Fulfillment of the 1/4 laboratory credit typically entails serving as a research participant, but can be fulfilled through the completion of alternative assignments. Note: PSYCH 104 is not a prerequisite for PSYCH 105. PSYCH 104 and 105 can be taken in either term, but not in the same term. [Faculty of Science]

PSYCH 275 - Brain and Behavior

An introduction to brain mechanisms involved in sensation, perception, movement, motivation, learning, and cognition, as studied in both humans and lower animals. Prerequisites: PSYCH 104 or SCI 100. [Faculty of Science]

PSYCH 473 - Advanced Topics in Neuroscience

Covers in depth examination of one or more topics in neuroscience. Prerequisite: Students must check with the Department website for the topics for the year and any additional prerequisites.

PSYCH 478 - Behavior and Brain Chemistry

The influence of environmental and genetic factors on the relationship between chemistry of the brain and the behavior of humans and animals. Prerequisite: PSYCH 371, 375, or 377. [Faculty of Science]

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