Ted Tredget

Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Surgery Dept


Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Surgery Dept
(780) 407-6979
2D2 WMC Mackenzie Health Science Centre
8440 - 112 St
Edmonton AB
T6G 2B7


Area of Study / Keywords

incisional wound creation tolerability assessment pharmacokineti profile gene expression histological assessment


Summary of Activity: Dr. Edward (Ted) Tredget received his medical degree with distinction from the University of Alberta, Canada and completed his internship, general surgery and plastic surgery training from the University of Alberta.  He undertook a Post Doctoral Fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School where he received his Masters of Science degree. Currently, Dr. Tredget is the Director of the Firefighters' Burn Treatment Unit  at the University of Alberta Hospital and the Burn Wound Healing Research Laboratory of the University of Alberta.  The focus of their research is basic science research is wound healing, hypertrophic scarring and tissue engineering after burn injury.  Their work has explored the cellular, proteomic and immunologic features of hypertrophic scarring using biobanked tissues, large and small animal models, and in vivoclinical trials in human volunteers and burn patients. They have developed novel models of scarring in animals and standardized scar models in humans with the goal to reduce scarring and regenerate healing wounds. Dr. Tredget is a Professor in the Department of Surgery, Divisions of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Alberta.  Dr. Tredget is the Past President (2015-16) of the American Burn Association and the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (2014-15).




ScarX Technologies Inc. (2016-18)

A Double Blind, Placebo Controlled, Randomized, Dose Ranging Study to Evaluate the Safety and Tolerability of SCX-001 Cream in Healthy Volunteers with Induced Dermal Incisions.

E.E. Tredget (PI)                                                                                           Total amount   $461,216


Exciton Technologies (2013-14)

A randomized, Site-Matched Controlled Trial of exSalt PTF wound dressing compared to Xeroform Petrolatum Dressing for the Management of Partial Thickness Donor Site

E.E. Tredget (PI)                                                                                           Total amount   $19,054


United States Department of Defense Research Grants


1. The Role of Nefopam in Hypertrophic Scarring following Burn Injury. 

TE Tredget, PI,  David Greenhalgh, MD (site PI), 

Dates: October 2019 – Dec  2023 

Budget: $3,458,000 US over 4 years

2. Acute Burn ResUscitation Prospective Multicenter Trial (ABRUPT)

David Greenhalgh, MD (PI), Robert Cartotto (CoI) TE Tredget, Site PI

Dates:                             October 2016 – September 2020

3. Transfusion requirements in burn care evaluation (TRIBE): A multicenter randomized prospective trial of blood transfusion in major burn injury. (completed)

Tina Palmieri (PI) TE Tredget (Site PI)

4. Glutamine supplementation in burn patients (completed Phase I, Phase II on going)

Darren Hyland(PI) TE Tredget (site PI)




1. Edmonton Civic Employees (2015-16)

Therapeutic Potential of Phase-Dependent Macrophage Depletion for Dermal Fibroproliferative Disorders 

E.E. Tredget (PI)                                                                                           Total amount   $10,000

2. Klox Technologies Inc. (2014-17)

Development and Characterization of Dermal Fibrosis Following Burn Injury

E.E. Tredget (PI)                                                                                           Total amount   $92,000

3. Edmonton Civic Employees (2014-15)

Development of a Mouse Model to Study New Therapeutic Approaches for Heterotopic Ossification in Burn Patient

E.E. Tredget (PI)                                                                                           Total amount   $10,000

4. CIHR, Network Catalyst Grant (2014-17)

Creation of an Advancement in Burn Care in Canada Network, Multi Centre Study

E.E. Tredget (Member)                                                                                Total amount   $600,000

                                                            5.Canadian Institute for Health Research (2005-2008)

Fibroproliferative Disorders of the Skin: The Role of Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells and TH1/TH2/TH3 cytokines

EE Tredget (PI), A Ghahary, PG Scott                                                                                 Total amount   $382,881

6. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2004-2007)

Identification and Role of Keratinocyte Derived Anti-Fibrogenic Factors in Wound Healing 

A Ghahary(PI), EE Tredget$122,127 / year for 3 years                                         Total amount   $366,381

7. Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, Technology Commercialization Program (2004-2005) Methods for Prevention and Treatment of Fibroproliferative Disorders 

A Ghahary(PI), EE Tredget                                                                                     Total amount$98,363

8. Canadian Institute for Health Research (2003-2005)

Discovery of a Novel Collagenase Stimulating Factor in Human Serum 

A Ghahary(PI), EE Tredget, W Maksymowych                                                                  Total amount  $120,000

9. Canadian Institute for Health Research (2002-2003)

Development and Application of Non-Rejectable Skin Substitute in Wound Healing 

A Ghahary(PI), EE Tredget                                                                                     Total amount  $146,000

10. Canadian Institute for Health Research (2000-2005)

Fibroproliferative Disorders of the Skin: The role of TGF-beta and TH1/TH2 Lymphokines

EE Tredget (PI), A Ghahary, PG Scott                                                                                 Total amount  $502,730

11. Medical Research Council of Canada (2000-2005) 

Purification and Characterization of KDAF and its Functional Role in Wound Healing

A Ghahary(PI), EE Tredget                                                                                     Total amount $162,123

12. Medical Research Council of Canada (1999-2001) 

Topical Transforming Growth Factor-beta Gene Therapy in Wound Healing

A Ghahary(PI), EE Tredget, PG Scott                                                                                Total amount   $186,567


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